New pacemaker

I had the micra AV implanted awhile ago, but ended up needing to switch to a dual chamber pacemaker with leads. I just got the new one put in yesterday and am not sure if this pain is normal. Of course I have the usual pain at the incision site, but when I lay down or sit just wrong, every single breath I take is excruciating upon inhale. I told my doctor this and he was not listening to me and told me to give it 2 days. I just can't imagine this being a normal thing. Laying down is worse, but even sitting here I can't take a deep breath without pain. 



by Penguin - 2023-11-28 13:22:31

Post removed Sydney. I didn't read your post accurately, so I've deleted. 


by Lavender - 2023-11-28 15:42:12

So you used to have a Micra but now they put in a dual chamber pacemaker with leads. You can expect some discomfort-but it shouldn't be excruciating. Hearing your dr say all is well isn't real reassuring when you're feeling like it's not. 

Tylenol 650 mg every four hours was what helped me. Did your dr recommend anything for pain? I only took it a couple days. The tugging and irritation lasted for seven months but I can't call it really bad pain. The first couple days I was really having neck pain, pain when leaning over or to the side. 

I am so sorry to read of how much pain you feel. I guess if it were me, and the pain was excruciating as you described, I would chase down the dr or go to the emergency department for attention and pain management. 🌺💕 Pain upon deep breathing warrants attention and perhaps an xray. 

May God send helpful solutions to ease your distress and heal you. 

New pacemaker as well

by Mpolzer - 2023-12-06 08:10:07

Hi Sydney.

I am 6 days post op with a dual chamber as well.  My surgery was Thursday and Saturday I ended up in the ER. The chest and back pain was excruciating.  Last night I accidentally rolled onto my right side while sleeping and immediately woke up with excruciating chest and back pain again.  The pain is so intense, it makes it hard to breath. Tylenol and a heating pad got me through the night. Not much sleep though. I am still in pain this morning but not as bad!  The ER said on Saturday that everything was fine..x-rays, Ct scan, MRI, etc. Right now noone knows where the pain is coming from or why.  I have another Dr. Appointment tomorrow.  We shall see what they say.  This interfers with my everyday life so far, especially work.

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