Closed Circuit Stimulation (CLS) for Athletes

I am a 54 year old endurance cyclist, cycle guide and coach, who, 6 weeks ago, had a pacemaker implanted for 3rd degree heart block. The pacemaker is a Biotronic Evity 8 DRT.

I will see my operating physician shortly and I was wondering if it would be necessary to have the upper pacing limit engaged (as this is currently disabled).

After 2 weeks, my physician told me that only my lower limit is set at 45 bpm (my resting heart rate is 38) and my upper limit is not engaged. I have done a few bike rides since, and I find that my bike power is 30% lower than pre-surgery, while my Heart Rate is extremely elevated. When I ride hills, I have to really back off the power, in order to simply get up. 

Would switching on the upper limit help with my ability to get more oxygen to my heart and help return my fitness towards it's original level? 

Thanks in anticipation.



I don't think you're in a position to get useful power measurements at present...

by crustyg - 2023-12-03 08:47:13

...given your other post about L arm swelling and episodes of lightheadedness.

*IF* all that's going on is 3rd degree HB, and your PM is correctly detecting atrial activations and sending them down to your RV, then you don't need any rate limiting etc.  A simple detect-and-propagate down is all that's needed - your SA-node and your sympathetic nervous system will do what's needed.

However I think there's more going on here.

Remote diagnosis is really a game for fools - but that's never stopped me before.  I fear you have a propagating L-subclavian clot that's generating pulmonary emboli. Explains the L arm swelling, lightheadedness and excessive tachycardia when attempting your normal athletic activities.

My advice: stop wasting time here listening to me, and go to hospital and firmly insist on a proper work-up for a venous thrombosis.

Best of luck.

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