What does this mean?

  • by R2D2
  • 2023-12-05 20:39:33
  • ICDs

My test results said the therapy that was applied was 35J ×6, does that mean I was shocked 6 times??? I sure hope not! I sent a message to my doctor to ask him, no response yet. 


Hi there

by Lavender - 2023-12-05 21:23:03

I'm no help with that but it may be a setting for shock therapy when your device senses a need. 

I read your other posts. I can't imagine how this has shaken you having blacked out and had your first shock 😳 . It certainly makes me feel relieved you have your device. You needed it and it saved your life. There you were just relaxing and it kicked in. Amazing. 🥲

Please remember that the professionals know this happened and saw your report. No one panicked or rushed you off to the emergency room. They let you be home and go about your business as usual. If they're not concerned, you can let down your guard. 

I know myself and having an event would make me less confident at first. My brain would kick into hyper alert mode until it realized that I was not in danger. Geez I am sorry for your anxiety but I do think you're going to be ok. Your safety net is there. 🛟

Thank you Lavendar

by R2D2 - 2023-12-05 21:59:13

I needed those words of encouragement so much. You're right. I guess I just feel let down in regards to feeling so much better only to have some episode. What throws me off is the fact that I wasn't physically active when it happened. I have been doing daily activities such as housework and going out and about, but nothing that would cause an incident like this. My brain says, it happened while I was inactive so when am I actually safe. I let myself feel safe and now I'm on alert again. I will heed your advice and try to put it into perspective. Thank you! 

Hugs and more hugs🌸

by Lavender - 2023-12-05 23:09:38

It can take a few days, weeks, or so to feel calm or relaxed again after this happened. Most people with ICDs probably think they're never going to be shocked. But it happens and it's happened for a reason. Remember that what you're feeling is a normal response. Be patient with yourself and remind yourself that there is a natural recovery process after such an unexpected scary event. 

I have had my pacemaker almost three years. No ICD, mine is a CRT-P. I got it after six months of fainting. Six specialists couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Finally a longer term heart monitor caught my rare arrhythmia called ventricular standstill. It's what it sounds like-a total stop. My last two faints were long pauses-long enough to have a near death experience each time. The last faint, I was gone for 33 seconds. It felt like an eternity. 

Since getting my pacemaker, I've not had any fainting or near blackouts...until last month. I was very sick. I started to blackout and as I saw the blackness cutting my visual field, and expected to lose consciousness... I was surprised to feel a surge of energy as my pacemaker kicked in. It's not a shock. It revitalized me and stopped the fainting process. 

I was so sad thinking my heart was worsening, but that wasn't it. My pacemaker actually did what it was designed to do and kept my heart going. I was so thankful it was there and I posted about it here. I had a few more episodes of the same thing as I recovered. 

We can't be lulled into forgetting we have heart issues. That's why we have devices. It's good to go about our lives though, as if we don't have heart issues because we already dealt with it by getting our devices. They're there because they're needed. 

I practice meditation and pray. I work on training myself to be courageous and bold even when I feel weak and scared. I do not want to live in fear. On youtube, you can type in " Michael Sealey" and choose one of his self meditation talks. Lie down and listen. He has several on anxiety and healing thoughts. 

Dearest Father God,

Please reassure R2D2 that you are present with her always. Remind her that you made her body, you lined her up for her ICD, and you will walk alongside her today and every moment until it's time for her last heartbeat. Then, you will still be present with her for eternity. There's nothing to fear. Send your angels to wrap her in peace and blanket her with love and comfort. Ease her mind, send fear as far from her as east is from west. In Jesus' holy name, I pray. Thank you dear Lord. 

Yes it looks like a series of several shocks

by Gemita - 2023-12-06 06:37:43

I think you should wait to speak to your doctors for clarification of what actually occurred, but it does look as though the therapy given by your defibrillator was substantial, 35 Joules, 6 shocks, so this suggests an arrhythmia like Ventricular Fibrillation.  

I attach a link which sets out to explain how therapies work.  Clearly if the first or second shock fails to make a difference there will be other backup algorithms set to support/protect your heart and to get you back into rhythm.  Although the shock knocked you out, you woke up from it and that is all that matters.  Now they will try to find a way of preventing the arrhythmia from re-occurring with medication or other treatments.  I am still hopeful that you will get back to feeling well again for long periods as you slowly build your strength and your EF recovers with CRT/other treatments.


Good link

by Lavender - 2023-12-06 08:41:23

Very good link, Gemita!  I learned a lot reading it. 

R2D2 press a bit more forcefully to see the dr so that you can get answers and more reassurance. Perhaps if it ever happens again it is best to go to the ER. Even though it's a long wait at times, you do receive attention sooner than awaiting a dr appointment when you have something like this happen. 

Gemita thanks!

by R2D2 - 2023-12-06 23:40:47

I found out this morning I only had one shock, but the event lasted 17 seconds. I'm glad it wasn't actually 6 shocks, one was bad enough. 

My potassium level may have contributed to the reason I was shocked, I'm still waiting for blood test results. I have an appointment to see my doc next Thursday, and I hope to get answers. I know I'll be asking lots of questions! 

Perhaps the news will be better than we expected

by Gemita - 2023-12-07 06:13:38

Thank you for the update.  I have just responded to your later message.  Let us not read any more into this at present until we know all the facts.  I am glad it was only one shock, although from the therapy description, they might well have used short bursts of different therapies (hence the x6) to get the arrhythmia under control.  You should ask about this?

The fact that you will not be seen until next Thursday is probably a sign/indication that you are stable.  From your comments about electrolytes, they may have seen something on the device's internal ECG to point to an electrolyte abnormality - hence the potassium query.  I am hopeful and I think you should be too.  

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