Hi All

The last couple of years have been mostly up with some downs. I am fitted with dual chamber PM since 2019 for Heart Bloc 2:1

However the last couple of weeks have been pretty rough. I am suffering from lethargy & tiredness, occasional night sweat,  muscle weakness in calves & thighs (when not exercising & exercising), discomfort in the chest, headaches & dizzness. 

I attended hospital yesterday, had a PM integration (some bouts of Afib were picked up but they only occurred on Saturdays when I tend to have a few beers with mates) & an echocardiogram nothing was picked that worried the Dr .
I now have a holter monitor on for 24 hrs to see if that catches anything the PM isn't & will do some blood work today. 

The EP at the hospital doesn't seem to think anything is off, however I went for 4km walk today and was not in a great state during. Very sensitive to the act of exercise including sounds & noises around me.
I felt better after some food & rest. 
I have to add the muscle fatigue isn't like when I was first diagnosed, when I would do exercise I would get a burning in my legs & stomach / chest area, near stopping me being able to exercise entirely.  
This time the muscles feel slightly sore & ache. 

Any suggestion as to what other examinations could be preformed to find the cause would be incredibly helpfull. 
I have a follow up tomorrow 
The Doctor wants to do an ECG & look over my blood work. 
I was thinking to ask for an X-ray to see if there is any issue with lead displacement. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated 

Thanks again 


Hi there

by Lavender - 2023-12-10 07:48:06

I'm wondering if it's tension, anxiety related. I also know that when I was sick from a tick bite, I experienced headaches, night sweats, muscle pain, fatigue and dizziness. It was discovered that I had a tick borne disease called anaplasmosis. 

Night sweats can come due to infection. 

Bloodwork can find many things out. My pcp orders common sorts of blood tests. However, an infectious disease doctor can think of even more tests. Lol

It is most likely not your heart since your echocardiogram and pacemaker interrogation were both fine. 

Anxiety can cause a lot of what you describe as well. Hopefully answers will come soon. May God send you comfort and peace as you work through this situation. 💕

tunnel vision

by Tracey_E - 2023-12-11 10:16:47

It is easy to assume everything is the heart/pacer. There are a lot of things that can cause your symptoms. I would follow up with your primary. 

There are some crazy viruses going around.

Did they check your electrolytes?


by HeartyOne - 2023-12-12 05:07:36

Hi there 

Thanks for taking the time to respond  

I returned from the hospital yesterday, I went in feeling like I was going to collapse. I was quickly seen by the team, who calmed me down.. Introgated my PM immediately & assessed the findings of my 24hr Holter monitoring. 
I had further discussion with Drs, PM Tech & EP. 
My results of my echocardiogram & blood work didn't provoke any reaction from the doctors. 
They gave me the all clear & also changed ADL settings on PM. 

However I am still exhausted, it is possible it could be all physiological or a hangover from a viral / bacteria illnesses. But I am still struggling with dizziness, weak calve & thighs & uncomfortableness in my chest. 

@ Tracy_E: yes electrolytes were checked 

I will get my blood work looked at by haematologist to see if there are any possible outcomes that have been missed by the cardiac team. 

All the best 

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