Dizziness & Fatigue

Recently had some issues with dizziness & lethargy 

Had a PM intergation, 24 Hr Holter Monitor, Echocardiogram & blood work preformed. 

The PM only picked up short episodes of AFib on  Saturdays when out drinking beer with mates. (Over the months since my last intergation, no other periods or arrhythmias were picked up) 
The 24 hour monitor didnt pick up any periods of AFib or other arrhythmias only a few ectopic beats. Only that my heart rate was tracking fairly high when out walking in the 140-150 range. 
The blood work did show high levels of cholesterol but low NT-pro BNP levels & electrolytes were stable.  
The echo confirmed the structure of the heart was fine  & the PM leads were insitu, Ejection faction of 45% (lowish but dr was happy as other indicators of structure were healthy) 

I was told everything is fine, however my dizziness is present throughout the day & not related to sitting / standing, as is my fatigue. 

I am going back in for an ECG ( not sure what will be found if they didn't pick anything up with the Holter), I have also requested a stress test to be 100% as I just don't feel good at all. 

I had my PM for 2.5 years, up until 2 months ago I was a fit as I have been in 10 years. Now I am struggling with the basics. 

I am just obviously very frustrated & uncertain as why things have changed suddenly. This is a bit of a repost but now backed up with some flesh on the bones of my actual situation. 

I am concerned I will be told all is well & sent packing, is there anything critical that I am missing and should be focusing /asking the EP when we meet? 

I have 2:1 AV Block & a Dual Chamber PM. 

Any advice would be very helpful 

Thanks in advance 


Seems like a burden to bear

by R2D2 - 2023-12-12 12:53:53

I wish dizziness and lethargy weren't so common with us heart patients, but I've struggled with it off and on since before I was diagnosed. I get told it could be the meds, stress, anxiety, low electrolytes, ...... but they never act like my symptoms mean anything. I tend to disagree. With me, I get those symptoms, THEN I have anxiety because I don't feel well which is a vicious circle. Right now I've been struggling with dizziness when I tilt my head a certain way, and feel nauseous about half the day as well as lethargic and it's been a month. I told my doctors and they just basically say it's par for the course. 

I hope you can get some answers and treatment for your symptoms, and I sympathize with you for sure. 


Might not be heart related

by Lavender - 2023-12-12 19:30:16

After your heart is completely checked out and ruled out as the cause of your dizziness and fatigue, I would pursue it with your primary care doctor until you get some answers. 
It's obviously affected you enough to make you concerned. 

In Hospital

by HeartyOne - 2023-12-13 01:33:18

Hi there

In hospital now, had a rough night..

Possible heart attack, just waiting to find out

Had ECG this morning & now having CT angiogram to get some results.. Just a waiting game now.. 

Thanks for you advice everyone

Will let everyone know how things go 🤞



by Lavender - 2023-12-13 10:17:07

You must've had a scary night. Ugh no rest in the hospital but hope you are more relaxed as they continue to work on discovering the root of your problems.

I know that troponin bloodwork searches for heart issues. From the 'net:  "Troponin is a protein that's found in the cells of your heart muscle. Normally, troponin levels in blood are so low that only the most sensitive types of tests can measure them. But if your heart muscle is damaged, troponin leaks into your bloodstream, and your troponin blood levels will rise."

I am glad you're where you are. Hugs. ❤️‍🩹

Very High Blood Pressure

by HeartyOne - 2023-12-14 12:17:26

So after all the battery of tests & stresses of the last 4 days in & out of the cardiac ward, with everything coming back clear, it seems that high blood pressure was the culprit...

Funny as it the one of key foundations of good heart / overall health indicators and was completely over looked. 

Currently have a 24hr BP monitor (reading high), but at least I think I am close to getting some closure in regards to this matter. 

Thanks for everyone's help & support 😊

Yay good news

by Lavender - 2023-12-14 18:53:59

So glad they're figuring it out. Blood pressure can be managed. I am sure anxiety added to the mix. Now you can get help and get stabilized in time for Christmas!

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