Hi folks, I had my first PM implanted in 2004 at 44 YO and second around 2014. I want to have an MRI on my lower half to check back,, hips and knees all at once. I do not have an MRI safe PM but am starting some research to see if this is possible. I will probably need a new PM in the next year or so, but the leads will not be changed to the best of my knowledge. This would be near Cedars in Los Angeles CA

Thanks All!





by missy - 2023-12-15 22:31:06

Hi Eric, I have Medtronic Advisa DR MRI SureScan Pacemaker.  I had it implanted in 2016. There is a website listed on the I.D. Card  This pacemaker is MRI safe.  I used to live in L.A.  Been a patient at Cedars a couple of times. 


by Ram - 2023-12-16 02:16:37

I have had a Micra AV since July 2021.  I need a lower back, hip, MRi for an injury.  My PM is totally safe for an MRI but it has been 5 months of trying to schedule one.  I have been to 3 MRI clinics just to find out it is illegal for clinics to give anyone with any type of PM an MRI.  Working on my 4th Hospital as the first one would do it but needed a special order form signature from the Dr. who gave me the PM and she refused as it isn't her hospital's policy to fill out those required forms for that hospital.  So my doctor sent my MRI request to her hospital but after all the wasted time going back in forth with the first I ran out of time to wait for them to schedule it as I had to leave town.  Now I'm in Portland and the OHSU does every type of PM possible but because of that they have a 6 month minimum waiting time so trying one more that has a 2 month waiting time. My injury will probably be healed by then but there were some things that should have  been treated allready.  Infuriating considering my PM has no issues with MRIs.  Just letting off steam but also warning you how difficutlt it is the get one with a PM.


by new to pace.... - 2023-12-16 10:35:16

You are lucky if you can have all those areas at one time.  I have medicare and only 2 parts at a time.  Will have the shoulder done one day.  Then have to come back another day for the Lombard and Thoraic Spine.  

That said i have an MRI sure scan  medtronic but i still need to get clearance from the Cardiolgist and have it done in the main hospital. Now i do not need a rep. as the MRI tech are crossed trained for most companies.

If you are due for a new pacemaker i would think you might ask to have your wires replaced , understand you do need someone who has done many extractions.  There have been comments about that on this site before.  You might use the search box on the top of the page.  Click on what looks like a magnifing glass.

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