strange sensation

Good morning everyone,

I wonder if what I am experiencing is a "thing", or my imagination, reflux, or?

I am 2 months post pacemaker implant and Post TAVR. Medtronic, two leads, 99.9 percent paced in ventricle; .1% atrial.

Frequently, when I bend over, I perceive what I can only describe as a pulling or tightening in my chest which disappears rapidly. Has anyone heard of the leads stretching? being too short? Can this be PM related?

Incidentally, I have had a persistent cough for a year. Clear X Rays. Told at various times it might be post nasal drip, allergy, asthma, cardiac related.

I happen to have a pre-scheduled physical with my local PMD/cardiologist Monday. 

Many Thanks, and Merry Christmas and Happy and HEALTHY New Year to all.




by piglet22 - 2023-12-16 10:17:49

Definitely worth getting it checked.

When the leads are installed, there should be a loop in both leads to allow free movement.

I had some chest X-rays over the years and requested copies which arrived on a CD.

Very interesting to see the pacemaker inards and the lead configuration.


by fredaosss - 2023-12-16 11:50:41

Thanks Piglet 22. Great suggestion. 

Your cough

by R2D2 - 2023-12-16 13:00:01

Unfortuneately, many of the heart medications cause a persistent cough. I don't know what you are prescribed, but you might want to look into that. When I was first diagnosed with CHF, I was prescribed lisinopryl and it made me cough a LOT, especially at night. There are others too, but you would have to research your meds to get a better idea.

As for the pulling sensation, it's hard to know this early in the game. I had my ICD implanted 5 months ago and still feel like there's a rock in my chest sometimes. I also can't put my left elbow on the table without feeling like my whole implant area is tight and uncomfortable. It will even ache sometimes and just feel "icky"... I can't really describe it, but suffice to say, it's not the most comfortable thing to live with. But the ICD is larger that a regular pacemaker due to the defibrillator. 

When I had my device installed, they showed me on the X-ray where the leads were and how they actually give them some extra room for movement and such and secure them to muscles so they stay put. I doubt yours are going anywhere, but if you are really concerned about it, don't hesitate to bring it up with them. 


by fredaosss - 2023-12-16 13:03:48

Rz D2,

Thanks. your comment is very helpful.

The only cardiac related meds I take are atorvastatin and bystolic.


Sensation and cough

by The Rose - 2023-12-17 02:40:47

I had the same issues. It was horrible.  I was told everything was fine. However, it was not. My leads clanged around like a church bell after service. My arm kept falling asleep.  

Sleeping was elusive as the leads crashed into esophagus and other body bits as I moved in my sleep, the pacer kept banging against my clavicle.  Even lightly touching the pacer caused pain for days. Scratching the itching around the pacer and nearby leads caused at least 3 days of pain throughout my chest. I learned never to scratch near the pacer.  Constant chest pain as I never experienced was the norm.  


During extraction, the Dr found scar tissue around my pacer. He cleaned it up.  

i was told if I ever needed pacing again, they'd use a leadless pacer.  

Since the pacer and leads were removed, no clanging around and no similar coughing (except a bit as a result of tubes sent down my throat)

Sometimes, with heart issues, there's a dry cough. But the pacer cough is different.  It's also gone as is the extra sinus stuff. 

Perhap see another Dr. regarding the issues.   One heart told me i shouldn't feel anything.  I contacted Medtronic's for a list of nearby drs who matched my type/issue. I was told I had a RBBB type 3 block.  I did not.  Because of the new specialists, I learned a great deal and was very pleased with the Medtronics suggestions.  I think each maker keeps a list of qualified drs by locations.  It requires some research and the top dr may not necessarily be the best. But do get another opinion as a different Dr may have experience with your situation.

Do know, I spoke to long term Medtronics employees who knew the software and the pacer components, as well as possessing experience with various reactions.  They were super. I did not deal with the usual phone people. That escalation to seasoned staff was a fabulous shift for me.  

Hope this helps. Sending prayers. 

Sensation and Cough

by fredaosss - 2023-12-17 08:12:30

The Rose,

Thanks for sharing your experience. It must have been terrible. 

Glad you are feeling better.

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