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Hello I had open heart surgery due to a growth on a damaged valve from a car wreck. When replacing the valve they cut out my diatomic receptors making me 100 % pacer dependent. I am 48 moderately active (much less since surgery and cardio issues). My doctor advised my battery would deplete quicker because of my age and activity level. I have 2.5 years left on a supposed 10 yr battery which would make for a total of 5.5- 6 years does this seem normal and secondly do the leads need replacing? If my lead goes bad and I'm 100% dependent does that mean I'm pretty much done or does it become less effective making me feel weird as a warning?  





by piglet22 - 2023-12-16 18:08:31

If the battery depletes, the battery depletes.

The device gets replaced.

Leads generally stay in place.

If the lead goes bad, I'm confident that your medics will have a solution.

If you are 100% dependant it's not a problem. They will simply put you on temporary external pacing which means a lead goes up from groin to external pacer while they sort you out.

I was prepared for external pacing but didn't need it despite total dependency.

Not pleasant but doesn't last long.

If it helps.

by PacedNRunning - 2023-12-17 01:46:41

If it helps. I'm highly active and my battery lasted 4 yrs 10 mos. I was only 100% paced 3 1/2 of those years. Just got a replacement. The 10 yr battery is just a estimate. Mine was a 10 year battery but I was told that the accurate remaining battery life isn't until 3 mos post new implant. At 3 mos post mine said 5 -6 years. Not too far off and definitely not 10 years. Just depends on how efficient the system is set up. 


by TimG75 - 2023-12-17 09:39:53

Thank you, also do leads go bad often? Reading online (which I shouldn't) says on average 7-10 years a lead goes bad in 100% paced subjects. Has anyone had an issue with a lead? And if your 100% paced what does a bad lead look / feel like? Does it gradually go bad or stop conducting altogether? Sorry so many questions, but thankful for finding this group to answer questions. 

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