Had ECG today just reading my discharge paperwork ,says his ECG showed complete heart block with pacing spikes noted on V4 V6  ,does heart block have anything to do with the ablation I had ? 


It is possible

by Gemita - 2023-12-17 03:42:06

Mark, no procedure is without risk.  We may develop worsening heart rhythm disturbances immediately following an ablation until healing has fully taken place.  Healing may take anything up to 6 months.  

Also depending where they ablate, like for instance if they ablate close to the Sinus, or AV Node, this may result in damage to the node affected and therefore it might require the need for a pacemaker, or if you already have a pacemaker, the need for more in the way of pacing in either the upper or lower chambers of your heart.  

But these electrical disturbances can change over time and the degree of complete heart block may change too as healing takes place.

I am glad in the meantime, you have a pacemaker to protect you and to do the work for you.    

You are welcome

by Gemita - 2023-12-17 05:11:40

Mark, try not to worry.  As each day passes, you should start to feel better and have fewer symptoms.  You have had a lot going on:  open heart surgery, ablation and now a pacemaker.  You and your heart are healing and you cannot rush this part.

Many of us get confused about our pacemaker and heart condition and about a lot of other things too I suspect.  I know I do.  Pacing is a very technical subject.  

Hope you recover quickly from your pacemaker implant.  We are always here if you need any further help


by Selwyn - 2023-12-17 18:27:19

What ablation?

Cryptic answer to cryptic question.

Personally, I have had flutter and two fibrillation ablations, as you can read in the BIo. information I provide.

 There are His bundle ablations Ventricular tachycardia ablations. A-V node ablations, SVT ablations. Some can relate to complete heart block.



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