Post-op recovery/pain advice

Hey all,

My partner (congenital complete heart block) is 6 months out from a box change (his third) and although the wound has healed he's experiencing a lot of pain/sensitivity in the area, so I wanted to reach out and ask about others' experiences.

How long was the surgical wound bothering you?

The surgery was pretty intense (more than we expected, as the surgeons decided to both remove some historic scar tissue and bury the box deeper than his others had been) but this seems like a very long recovery.

He says it feels like the new scar is constantly being rubbed and eroded by clothing, like the skin feels quite thin and raw. Can anyone recommend a cover/buffer for men? We can only find them for women, or expensive custom shirts with pacemaker cover pockets.




by Lavender - 2023-12-18 21:52:06

It took me seven months to feel comfortable with my pacemaker after insertion. However if your partner's device was placed deeper, it does take longer to feel comfortable. 

Your partner was diagnosed with diabetes. Make sure he's following any medical advice on treatment for that because diabetes can cause slower healing. If he hasn't already done so, get a doctor to check his wound. You mention "eroded" and that needs a stop put to it asap. Perhaps a dermatologist could help. 

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