Pacemaker placement

Hi, I am 47 years old, My pacemaker was installed at the end of March after a few episodes of Asystole and a 12 second pause but no real cardiac diagnosis prior. My question is perhaps in the wrong section but wasn't sure where was appropriate. I have lost about 60 pounds since my pacemaker was installed and because of this there is literally no "meat" between the pacemaker and my skin.. I feel like I need to constantly protect it because it is right under my skin.. I guess I am wondering if that's normal and expected.. When it first healed i could feel like the shape of it but now I think I can feel where the wires come out and everything. I don't try to move it or anything but even just my bra strap or seat belt even with a cushion on it feel like my pacemaker will rub right thru my skin..

Thanks in advance for reading.



by piglet22 - 2023-12-19 05:05:50

Well done on the weight loss.

Don't worry if you can feel the device and the leads.

It's quite normal and makes it handy to show to friends and family.

I give it a touch every day to make sure all is well. Having less coverage will help in future for any changes of device or leads.

Don't become a twiddler, though and try rearranging things.

Use extra Padding to protect you

by Gemita - 2023-12-19 07:22:05

Mel my pacemaker was not implanted too deeply either and feels as though it is just under the skin.  I cannot feel the leads though although some members tell me that they can.  

What is important is that the wound is closed and that the device and leads stay beneath the skin, since if the wound opens and you can actually see the device or leads, then this would need immediate attention since an open wound is very susceptible to infection.  Infection that is not treated quickly could spread from the device just under the skin, down the leads to the heart and you could then be looking at removal of your complete pacemaker system.

So providing the area is well sealed and nothing protrudes, I would be reassured but try to protect the area with padding if it feels vulnerable.  It can feel uncomfortable under bra straps and under seat belts, I well know.  Weight loss has clearly been good for you in general and I am very pleased to hear this, but you will have less natural padding to protect you now.

I hope you feel more comfortable soon, but if this continues to cause concern, do speak to your doctors for advice and let them check the area for any unusual movement.  Hope otherwise you are doing okay?


Pacemaker placement

by skigrl3 - 2023-12-19 08:38:55

Good day. I totally understand your feeling..I am petite and thin and my pm feels like it's almost on the surface, with the outline very visible..I am athletic and I feel like it moves around. I am sure it's just a sensation and not really moving. I wear padding when I can. I bought a seat belt strap/ pad although I tend to maneuver the seat belt around the pm. My advice, extra padding will be your friend. The bra strap or cami strap - ugh not so much.

Thin and feeling pacemaker

by Selwyn - 2023-12-19 12:59:38

I am all skin and bone. I can both see and feel my leads under the skin, not to mention the box. I can follow the leads all the way up to under my collar bone. The lateral edge of my pacemaker sticks out from my skin to form a point. I am a bit annoyed about this as my previous one laid flatter. 

Never had a problem. Wise to keep an eye on the skin. Any discolouration would be a medical problem. Don't fiddle as this causes problems. I do a lot of swimming and table-tennis ( Left handed -this is where the PM is , on the left side).  There seems to be plenty of give in the skin considering the amount of movement my arm gets in the course of the day.  I expect if there was constant rubbing the tissues over the pacemaker would thicken, a bit like the soles of your feet. 

With regard to your bra - there has been quite a lot of comments about what is best  to avoid rubbing. Try the seach facility on the upper right of this site.

I was talking yesterday, at table tennis, to a fellow player who is also skinny. What we both had in common was an experience of riding on an osterich in South Africa. You can only do this if you are under 75kg.  There are so many advantages in not being over weight!


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