Generator Change Nerves

Hi folks-

I am having my 2nd generator change on Thursday. I am feeling nervous, mostly because I have two little kids. Both when I had the device implanted and when I had my first battery change, I didn't have any dependents, so I wasn't that nervous.

I know it'll be fine because I have a great doctor.

Anyone else feel nervous?




by piglet22 - 2023-12-19 04:26:48

Of course we all feel nervous when it comes to having procedures carried out especially something as fundamental as your heart.

You've already had one replacement so have some idea what is involved.

You don't say what your condition is and that will have a bearing.

If it has deteriorated, more precautions like external pacing might take place.

However, you will be in the best place and the bottom line is that it has to be done.

Enjoy being looked after for a while.

Good luck 

Reason for Nerves?

by Penguin - 2023-12-19 05:14:04

Hi Uma, 

I can relate.  Piglet provides some wise words above and yes, ultimately you are going to have to get this done - but frightening to those of us who are not of a stoic disposition?  Oh yes! 

You mention your children. Becoming a parent made me super aware of my responsibility to them and this may be what you're telling us here?  Not sure what your diagnosis is, but perhaps the operation to replace your device has reminded you again of why the pacemaker is there - the risk that your original diagnosis posed to you back then and a renewed worry about how that might affect you now that you have children to take care of.  I think that's a natural response to go through when replacement rears it's head.   

Maybe you could focus on the children? Involving them (gently and carefully) so that they see the pacemaker as nothing to be frightened about.  If you're on PM number 2/3 I'm wondering if your diagnosis is congenital and this too may be playing on your mind re: the children?  If this is the case, all the more reason to try to normalise what is going on. 

Treat yourself gently leading up to this. You are in safe hands but think about putting in place some extra support at home so that you can step back for a few days and lessen the responsibility you feel for others. Put yourself first if you can. 

Good luck and take care



by Selwyn - 2023-12-19 12:45:35

Just think that they do more of these in a day than they have lunch. 

It is really a simple procedure. 

A couple of screws to undo. Out with the old, in with the new. Do up the screws, and patch you up.

 Nothing you really need to worry about. 

Dependents are a worry no matter what their age.  If you have any advice how to not worry about dependents, do let us know. Better to worry than not to care.

Remain positive

by The Rose - 2023-12-19 16:59:27

Being a bit nervous is normal.  However, keep fear at bay (false evidence appearing real).  Know it's not your time to go and you've lovely lovely children and people to enjoy and cherish.  My Godmother had several and did very well each time.  She had an amazing positive attitude.

I made everyone laugh before and until they knocked me out for my full extraction.  I know you'll do much better and wake up not realizing it's over.

Sending you and your surgical team blessings, and you big healing prayers.  The new drugs they use are marvelous.  You'll be dancing around with everyone and tossing your head back laughing very soon!

Thank you!

by umita01 - 2023-12-22 17:55:48

Hi Folks!

Thank you all very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I had my generator change yesterday, and am home recovering today! 



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