open heart surgery for a mitral valve when you have a pacemaker

Has any one out there had to have open heart surgery for a leaking mitral valve that has alredy got a pacemakerr? I certainly would like to hear from you.



by USMC-Pacer - 2023-12-19 23:00:32

I think I responded to your laat post on this subject. As an option, TMVR (transcatheter mitral valve replacement). I've never had a mitral valve issue, but I did have open heart surgery for my first aortic valve replacement. I needed another valve 16 years later (this year) which they did via transcatheter (TAVR). What a difference! IIRC, they turned my device off and paced me externally during the procedure. It was just an overnight stay and I was sent home compared to the surgery which was 5 days.

Just an option.. good luck

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