Heart rate with a new pm

First I'm 77, and do the treadmill every day at 2.5 mph.  Ok, no speed demon here. I had a St. Jude pm and routinely had a heart rate on the treadmill of 125 to 133. Two years ago I had it replaced with a Boston Scientific pm. Now my heart rate only goes up to 110 with the same speed of 2.5 mph. Is this a pm adjustment issue? 



by USMC-Pacer - 2023-12-28 15:02:12

You said over the last two years.. was this a gradual decline in HR? It could be better cardiovascular fitness.

Have they changed your meds? Added a beta-blocker or changed dose?

Most importantly, how do you feel while exercising?

If it is causing you weakness in the legs and/or shortness of breath, I would say it could be the pacers MTR (max tracking rate) set at 110 bpm which would be an easy adjustment. 

If you feel good, it may just be better exercise fitness which is the goal.


by ldebaugh - 2023-12-30 21:57:47

As an answer to your questions.

The different HR was not a gradual change.one was with St. Jude and the change came with the Boston Scientific pm. There was no change in meds.

i have a restricted lung capacity and for awhile now I have used oxygen when on the treadmill. My max rate setting is 140, is that the same as MTR?  I know the minute ventilation is turned off on my pm.

id like to think that my conditioning has improved. But I think I'm actually holding steady. 

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