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Just wanted to share my good news esp. for members wondering what happens in the long run if you go with an Ablation & PM for Afib. In Jan. 1999 I went into permanent Afib with severe SOB & NO energy. After several cardioversions & trying all the meds to convert back to regular HB, I elected in late 2000 to go with an Ablation & a PM. Am now on second PM & went into see EP today (his call for a complete check-up) as in last year had two PM adjustments for slight SOB. So I did the Echo, PM check & saw my favorite doc (my EP). Now for the good news-adjustments were because I am exercising more, volunteering more & generally feeling great even tho I'll be 69 soon. Yes, now there are better choices that are less invasive than a complete Ablation but was not the case in 2000. EP says my single lead Guidant PM has not impaired my ventricles & stiil working fine. Ablation letting none of Afib thru & PM pacing along @ 100%. My valve which was leaking moderately has improved to a slight leak (normal @ my age) .And my Ejection Fraction is 65% on stress test last year is equal to a teen-age heart he says. Current PM good for another 2 yrs (put in 5/03) & EP will see me in 2010. So I stay on Coumadin only & keep doing what I have been doing. Sure things can go bad with a lot of things at my age but just want to share my 8 years of experience with PM. Also showed my EP our neat web-site & he was very impressed.

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Great news.....

by Bionic Beat - 2008-08-14 10:08:06


That is great news for you, bet you're pleased as punch.
I sure would be......I'd also think my EP Guy was the best doctor. ;-)

I've also had the AV Node Ablation for AFib and hope I'm as lucky as yourself with the heart remodeling and valve constriction.

That's a great EF, good to hear that you can do what you need/want to do and are not needing to be seen for 2 years!

Keep on keeping on, you've done very well!

Once again, Congratulations!

Bionic Beat

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