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Hello everyone 

I am finding this site an amazing source of information and reassurance. I have now had my PM for just ovr 2 weeks and have already had it reset twice - initially DDD but now in VVI mode because I had a lot of ectopics and the PM would fire off causing uncomfortable sensations in my chest. I am now symptom free but have been left in a rather anxious state generally and finding new things to worry about! 

The first relates to how much activity I can do now and in the future. I am particualry referring to movemnts of my left arm. I was told not to raise my arm above the shoulder or do any heavy lifting - but inevitably I have raised my arm without thinking (such as putting on clothes or lifting  grandchildren} and I then worry i may have displaced something. Does anyone have expperince of this? What restrictions did you have? 

The second relates to exercise in the future. i understand that most aerobic type exercise OK but I am a keen gardener (large garden plus an allotment) that entails a lot of stretching up and lifting and digging etc. I assume I am OK for all these? - but what are the extremes - can I do weight lifting for example? Swimming? Climbing?

Third I am concerned about insurance. I realise I have to let my motor insurers know and I am yet to find out whether they will increase my premiums, but what about travel insurance? My PM is really a "safety net" to protect against extreme bradycardia (intermittent heart block) so at least to my mnd I am a reduced risk - but that is not how the insurers see it from looking at on-line quotes. One company has even quoted several thousand pounds for a single trip the USA. What have other members done? Are there any preferred insurers? 

Thank you for reading this far. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Wishing you a Happy and trouble-free New Year.


Arm raising after PM insertion. Travel insurance. Exercise

by Selwyn - 2023-12-29 10:31:02

I am pleased you are on the mend. Perhaps some medication may help prevent the ectopics?

With regard to arm raising after PM insertion, it is entirely a matter of what is comfortable. There is no medical evidence to show you will dislodge anything by arm movement. Clearly the wound needs to heal and should not be pulled until wound strength has become reasonable ( about 1 month). You are not likely to dislodge the leads moving your arm.  If you are comfortable then you are not doing any damage. There is a real risk of frozen shoulder if you do not move your upper arm over a period of time.

I assure you swimming front crawl at full stretch is putting my arm raise to a maximum repeatedly . No harm. I regularly swim a mile. Others certainly have done weight lifting etc. ( try the upper right seach facility on this site).

I see you are in the UK. Travel insurance is a problem with some companies. Prior to the age of 70 I found "All Clear" helpful. Thereafter, they refused to insure me. I now am now with The  Nationwide Building Society - their flexiplus account is a tenth of the only other quote I could get ( through my longstanding travel insurance broker.) which was over £4000 for annual world wide travel insurance EXCLUDING the USA.

If may be best to let the DVLA know of your change in health. In general they are not concerned about PMs, nor are the motor insurance people for the same reasoning.

Anxiety is common to everyone of us having a pacemaker. As life returns to normal, so do the anxiety levels.  In fact, having a pacemaker will increase your quality of life, and like insurance , is some insurance that your life will be longer than that you would get by not having a pacemaker.  Something to actually be happy about. 

Holiday insurance

by Graham Harry - 2023-12-30 13:14:48

I would recommend All Clear on cover and price for holiday insurance.  I paid £526 for annual cover for world travel excluding USA, Mexico, Caribbean and Canada. I had other quotes which were much higher. As I was a bit nervous about making sure I was fully covered with my health issues, I phoned them up and got through to a very helpful person who went through it all step by step. No AI robots or annoying answering systems and queues.

Regarding driving, use the DVLA on line services. I got a letter back after a week confirming that I was okay to drive. Insurance was just a phone call and no change in premium. Hope this helps.

Thank you

by Xtrabeat - 2023-12-31 08:13:18

Thank you Selwyn and Graham Harry for your replies. It is very reassuring and the advice on this site is really helpful and supportive. Things are settling down now and I have left any dealings with insurance companies in abeyance until the New Year. Happy 2024 everybody!

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