Biotronik Episode Code 13

Does anyone know what kind of "episode" is Biotronik Episode Code 13? I can't find an online resource that lists the codes.


More information needed please

by Gemita - 2023-12-30 04:57:58

Good morning Ourswimmer,

Where did you see the comment “Biotronik Episode Code 13”?  Was it shown under an event log, arrhythmia log, symptom log, therapy log or something like this?  Can you give us more information, please?  

Did you see this on your Biotronik downloads or on correspondence from your medical care company, hospital or on correspondence from your general doctors?

So where exactly did you see these comments, under which area of your Biotronik downloads for example?  Is this a Biotronik protected code for sensing, signals, other?  The possibilities are endless unless we can narrow this down to a specific area

Biotronik Episode Code 13

by Selwyn - 2023-12-30 16:18:54

I wonder whether this is referring to page 13 for events from   ?

Just a thought.

As Gemita says, a little more detail about where this has been seen would be a great help.


Not in the manual

by H van Dyk - 2023-12-30 17:15:14

I think we might have the same pacemaker. Some months ago I dowloaded the technical manual via Biotronik's website. The term 'episode' is used a couple of times in the manual, but never together with a code.

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