8 months after implant

I'm a 62 year old male, I'm 8 months in since my implant . I was asymptamatic when I received my implant. I feel  the same as I did  before I got my dual chambered device. No issues  what so ever. I am a welder and still welding with no issues. I did speak with a tech from Boston Scientific 1st before returning to welding. I have returned to doing cardio , somtimes getting my rate up to 160 .I was told to go ahead by my cardiologist.  If anyone has any questions plz feel free to reach out. I was super stressed when told I needed my pacemaker, but feeling so much better now mentally



by Good Dog - 2023-12-30 15:28:50

I am glad you posted! Yeah, these devices are absolutely amazing, aren't they! Just like you, when I first received my PM, but after I had recovered fully and was all healed-up I began playing basketball. I was working for the Air Force at the time and played with some really skilled and competitive young guys. I was a little afraid at first that I may be over-doing it. However, I soon learned just how much of a blessing this device is. There were times when I would take my pulse during a game and it was too rapid to accurately count. That was 37 years ago. Over the years when I have told folks that my life has been completely normal with a pacemaker, I'm not sure that some of them believed me. I understand that there are folks with different and more complicated issues that may not be able to say the same thing, but it is not hyperbole when I have said that. Life is good!

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!




We all love success stories

by Gemita - 2023-12-31 02:47:55

GoodU, even though you were asymptomatic before you were told you needed a pacemaker, I am glad you have the protection of a pacemaker now and that you have been able to live a completely normal life with it.  That is indeed a sign that your heart is at peace with pacing.  Long may it remain so.

I had real fears too about getting a pacemaker, especially since the first few months while healing I did experience some exceptionally wild tachy arrhythmia episodes, but I am now completely happy with my pacemaker and my heart is unusually quiet, most of the time!  My pacemaker has proven to be an extremely effective anti arrhythmic tool for my rhythm disturbances, although it can never cure them.  My quality of life though has immensely improved with a steady, stronger, more reliable heart beat.

May I ask if you were given a choice of pacemaker manufacturer and whether you had any teething problems with your Boston Scientific.  For example did you need any settings adjustments or have you always been symptom free since implant?

Cannot believe the last day of 2023 is here.  I wish everyone a safe and happy passage into 2024

Useful information

by piglet22 - 2023-12-31 05:04:54


There are many comments on here about all sorts of things that may or may not interfere with pacemaker operation, from lawnmowers to ear buds. Welding crops up quite often.

A lot of comments arise from the lack of information given to patients by their clinical team.

Thanks for posting your experience and return to welding without issues.

Worth pointing out that it applies to you and your device, but it is positive news.

Good luck 

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