iPhone 14 and magnet ? Old Phone not transmitting arrhythmias. Why?

I'm looking for a new cell phone. I have an older iPhone but it has never sent a transmission when I've had a bounding arrhythmia.I was looking at the IPhone 14s but it seems like they have a strong magnet on the back and we are asked to keep magnets away from the pacemaker. Do any of you pacemaker people have an iPhone 14 or 15 and does it interfer with your pacemaker ?

Has anyone else had problems with their phone not transmitting arrhythmias ? I'm wondering if the problem with mine not transmitting could be because one of my leads is not working or is it due to having an old iPhone SE? My pacemaker is only 10 months old. 

I would appreciate your help

Thank you


Have iPhone 14 Pro Max and enjoying it

by Gemita - 2024-01-03 07:03:55

MSAWARE,  I have a fairly new iPhone (Pro Max 14) after having had an iPhone 7+ for years.  Since this upgrade I haven't noticed worsening arrhythmias or other disturbances, although I try to keep my phone at least the recommended safe 6 inches away from my device and never place it in a pocket over my device.  I attach a very useful link which may help to allay fears.  It is detailed but well worth a read. (Copy and paste it into your main browser to open).


On the matter of difficulty submitting transmissions with our smart phones, yes I had problems with my iPhone 7+ on several occasions during difficult arrhythmia episodes.  It depends too on the type of monitoring equipment we have;  how old it is and whether it functions properly?

I see you have a new pacemaker so that should be blue toothed enabled to use directly with any new smart phone, but if say you use a separate Reader (or phone monitor Reader) to send data that cannot connect with a smart phone, the problem may lie with the Reader not with the smart phone.  

You could ask to set up any new iPhone at your clinic, to make sure that it works appropriately with your heart device and any equipment you use and to check the safe distance before you start feeling symptoms.  That is what I did.  (No symptoms noticed).  If I ever feel symptoms and think it is related to my new powerful iPhone 14, I just move away from it.  Heart rhythm disturbances though can start and stop for no apparent reason, so I don’t think we can say with certainty that our phones have triggered our disturbances. 

I hope you enjoy your new iPhone soon.  I love mine.  

I have the iPhone 14 PLUS

by USMC-Pacer - 2024-01-03 14:31:01

The phone isn't a problem for me, the service from Medtroonic has been an issue several times. For whatever reason it loses connection on THEIR end which they try to blame me for, lol. Anyway, it's typically a quick fix on their end. No issues here with the magnet or arrhythmias. But, I've only done uploads at their request (connection issues), or on my schedule. 

15 Pro

by Daedalus - 2024-01-03 21:15:13

With my iPhone 15Pro, I've not noticed any problems.  Often while lounging on the sofa my phone is very close to the PM.  Haven't noticed any issues there, but I do move it away slightly anyway.  And I don't carry it in a shirt or jacket pocket on that side. 


by piglet22 - 2024-01-04 07:41:15

I don't know the IPhones in detail at all.

My Huawei phone has a compass facility, so some sort of built in magnet would be an issue.

Certainly, the phone case has magnetic catches and I remove the case if I want to use the compass.

Apple use Lightning connnectors on their laptops which use magnets to attach them. There's also the wireless charging facility.

Have you tried finding the phone magnet with something made of steel or iron?

Does the phone have specific warnings about built in magnets?

If the phone has built in strong magnets, then there's something else to add to the list of things to avoid. While pacemakers continue to use the magnet mode change facility and I can't see why they wouldn't, then strong magnets will remain a real hazard if used inappropriately.

Apple of all people should be issuing warnings if that is the case.

it's fine

by Tracey_E - 2024-01-07 11:01:39

Some people are cautious about letting their newer iphones within 6" of their device as a precaution,others like me, don't bother. I always use it on my left side (better hearing on that ear), have put it in pockets, have run with it tucked into my sports bra (which puts it directly over my device). No issues whatsoever. 

It's not going to do any harm. Worst case, it will switch modes like when they interrogate. As soon as you remove the source of interference, it will go back to normal. This is why I was not concerned about seeing if the phone had any effect if I got it too close. 

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