Anyone with a PM also have an Interstim?

Have had a 2 lead Boston Scientific PM for 8+ years now.

Ongoing problems with my bladder and constipation have my Dr askling if I want a referral for an Interstim device.

Anyone with a PM get one or been evaluated for one? If so, were there any concerns over interference with your PM?




by new to pace.... - 2024-01-05 09:34:17

i would suggest you contact the mfg. of this device an ask them your question.  Or contact your Boston Scientic pacemaker company.

new to pace

Should be okay with programming and testing of both pacemakers

by Gemita - 2024-01-05 11:17:28

TechieJ, There is one member here with a spinal cord stimulation device for chronic pain.  I know of none with a Sacral Nerve Stimulation device.  I had sacral nerve stimulation for overactive bladder prior to pacemaker implant.  Very helpful.

With modern pacemakers, providing adequate precautions are taken to prevent inter device interference, it would appear to be safe to implant some stimulators, including sacral nerve stimulator device.

Take a look at the attached link which should be copied and pasted into your general browser to open.  It is only a short link but reassuring and concludes that  “ InterStim sacral neuromodulation appears to be safe in patients with cardiac pacemakers programmed using bipolar settings. Continuous cardiac monitoring and pacemaker telemetry are recommended during programming, as well as testing using maximal sacral nerve stimulation, in order to ensure that no inhibition or interference occurs."

I would speak to your cardiology team and neuro urology team and have members from both specialities present during implant to make sure that your settings are optimised and safe with both pacemakers.  I presume you have had some sacral nerve stimulation testing already to see whether this has been helpful?

Thanks for the info!

by techiej - 2024-01-05 11:21:01

Yes I have spoken to both sets of Dr's - I was just wanting to hear from actual recepients of their experiences.

I had seen the study - but it only had 3 patients which is quite a low number.

Many thanks for your speedy info.

Found two links for you from the Pacemaker Club

by Gemita - 2024-01-05 12:14:04

Hello techieJ, I did a general search and came across two links on the subject.  One is fairly recent, so you might like to Private Message the Pacemaker Club member to see whether he/she has got a stimulation device?  The second link is about a member's wife who has an OAB stimulation device implant, but the member gives lots of technical detail, so quite interesting.  Haven't seen the member posting recently or know whether he is still around but the thread is well worth a read:

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