I am 64 years old, had my pacemaker in July 2019, and I have never have problems with cholesterol in my life and my cholesterol levels are normal. The Pharmacist wanted to introduce me to 20mg atorvastatin per day, knowing that this tablet will lower my cholesterol levels more. Has anyone having the same issue or what advice can anyone recommend? It would be highly appreciated. 



by piglet22 - 2024-01-08 06:39:28

I've been on this and Simvastatin for a long time now with no apparent side issues

Surprised that the recommendation came from the pharmacist and not the GP.

10 mg daily us a low dose and mine is 40 mg.

I haven't got a clue whether or not it's working - I'm assuming it is - because they never check it now.

I haven't had a cholesterol blood test for years now.

Personally, I think statins are one of the easiest ways of reducing your risks of heart or circulatory problems and would recommend them.

No amount of diet control ever significantly affected my pre-statin cholesterol levels.


by H van Dyk - 2024-01-08 07:04:54

Atorvastatin is good stuff. Because of the price, it's in my country not the first choice, but one can always ask for it. There are reports that it can even remove some clutter from the blood vessels. However, this is still under investigation.


by doublehorn48 - 2024-01-08 11:42:35

I saw my primary care doctor recently and everything looked good. But because I

'm now 75 I am in the age group that usually needs  to take statins. And she wanted to put me on statins. My last primary care doctor told me the same thing. Every medication has side effects. That's what my cardiologist told me. He also said if you don't need medications don't take them. So I try to live a healthy lifestyle and take no medications. I have had all my boosters for COVID.

satins or not

by new to pace.... - 2024-01-08 11:59:58

I used a supplement Red Yeast Rice for a while to lower.  Then starting have the same problems that i hear others had with Satin.  Sore muscles so i stopped.

new to pace


by Good Dog - 2024-01-08 14:29:06

I was prescribed 80 mg Atorvastatin by a new cardiologist I started seeing. I took it for a short time and felt terrible with severe muscle aches mostly in my legs. So I asked for a lower dose and he prescribed 60 mg. Same thing. So I asked for a lower dose and he prescribed 40 mg. Same thing. So he told me to ask my family Doc for a lower dose. She prescribed 10 mg and it had the same side-effects, so I stopped taking them. At last check without a statin my total cholesterol was 180 and my good cholesterol (HDL) is around 90. My previous Cardiologist/EP that I saw for 20 plus years always told me that since my HDL was always so high that he did not think I needed a statin. Frankly, I would like to take a statin just for good measure, but the side-effects are really bothersome. I don't understand why so many folks have no side-effects, yet I do. The one additional issue that concerns me with taking a statin is that it raises your HDL and mine is already too high. 


by FEO - 2024-01-08 16:49:54

Many thanks for all your help I really appreciate it. I have just gone back to my medical records and my actual Cholesterols readings as follows:- Serum cholesterol is 4.3, Serum Triglyceride is 1.0, Serum HDL Cholesterol is 1.2, Serum LDL Cholesterol is 2.6, and Serum None HDL Cholesterol is 3.1 mmol/l  UK, all above readings without any medication. If you have additional advice please help, I am not against taking medication if I think I really need it and if the Doctor is 50% certain, I will take it. I ask the pharmacist and agreed with me that my Cholesterol levels are normal and he said it's up to me if I want have or not the decision is my. 

Yes, You are correct!

by Good Dog - 2024-01-08 18:35:18

I had to convert your cholesterol to the units that we use in the states (mg/dl). You are correct that your levels are absolutely in the normal range. Your total cholesterol is 166 mg/dl and your HDL is 46 mg/dl. Those are good levels. Here is the thing; If you want to take a statin it should serve to lower your total cholesterol further while increasing your HDL some. Nothing wrong with that if it does not give you troublesome side-effects. In that case there is certainly a benefit if you take it. Especially a low dose like 10 mg. That is just my opinion, for what it is worth.





by Julros - 2024-01-08 18:51:07

I take 40 mg of Atorvastatin, and have for about 4 years, without any problems. My HDL had been high for years, but once I reached a certain age, my LDL and triglycerides went up. 10 mg didn't do much, but once I increased to 40 mg, I acheived goal. I have a strong family history of coronary artery disease, with most of the men having heart attacks in their 50s, and dead before 70. Dad had bypass surgery twice and thats no picnic. 

I also have pre-diabetes and sl. elevated blood pressure, so I will do what I can to keep cholesterol from accumulating in my arteries. 

My hubby had leg pains with atorvastatin, but tolerates rosuvastatin. 

Cholesterol Guidelines

by Selwyn - 2024-01-09 12:08:40

Sorry to disappoint you Feo - your cholesterol is not normal. 

New guidelines were issued this December, 2023, for the UK.


LDL more than 2 is reason to have some sort of intervention. ( yours is 2.6).

Whether you want to go on atorvastatin or try the other possibilities, all is in the guidelines.

Well done your pharmacist for being up to date.  Try to do your QRisk (

Best of luck,



Sorry FEO

by Good Dog - 2024-01-09 13:20:06

The guidelines in the U.S. are different than the U.K. I am sorry for misleading you. I did not know, but I cetainly do now! 

That is a really helpful website:

Thanks Selwyn!

FEO I wish you well,


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