Round 2 ...

A little about my experience - 

2007 44 years old 5 way heart bypass 

2019 - AV node stopped working - installed a single wire PM 

2024 - new PM with additional wire pacing another chamber plus ICD wire .


i was told .... in some cases (20% of single wire wearers end up where I am )


what got it all going ?  I was having a regular stress test which was said to be "normal "

When I read it my EF was 30% which was down from 50%

I pointed it out and an echo was ordered which confirmed then a cath .


the added a stent and I was having some trouble with my breath.... not like a bottle of scope breath '
I was functional as I am a racquet sport teaching professional and very active .


They threw the medicine cabinet at me - Brilanta and Farciga were to new ones ($1500 a month !).

Doctor said let's wait and see with stent and medication EF improves after a couple of months .

it did not .... next step was the new PM which I did Wednesday - note : it was brutal when they took the 3 year old one out ! Was wide awake .no amount of drugs could knock me out .


i have lived in a state of fear leading up to this - I had a constant heaviness across my chest - not chest pain just discomfort that never went away - felt like inflammation or that lead apron dentists use with X-rays .

anyone ever had that feeling that never went away ? Heaviness ... pressure ...discomfort .

i had been to ER for the chest pain drill a couple of times .... every looked fine except my EF.


any who ... now I'm recovering ... I am told by DR my EF could go back up 🤞🏻.


I want to get back with restored confidence to run again or chase the ball all over the court - would love to play racquetball again !! 

in hope I will be symptom free with restored health and confidence to chase life again 



I believe there is every chance that you will recover your strength

by Gemita - 2024-01-13 05:07:48

Pacer 2019,

If your problem has been largely caused by dyssynchrony of your ventricles, resynchronisation therapy might be all you need to improve that ejection fraction (EF) and to relieve some of your symptoms, perhaps even the chest pain/discomfort?  The ICD is just there to protect you from a potentially serious arrhythmia while your ejection fraction is low.  As your EF improves, the likelihood of receiving a shock from the ICD should diminish.  

Heaviness, pressure, discomfort in the chest.  Yes I know these symptoms well which can worsen during a fast, irregular arrhythmia when blood flow around my body is poor.  Poor blood flow causes weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and many other difficult symptoms.  The lack of oxygen caused by poor circulation can damage the brain, heart, and other organs over time if any arrhythmia or other condition present is not adequately treated.

I hope you will see a steady improvement in your ejection fraction from now on and with all your symptoms in general.  I would start believing that you will get back to racquetball

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