Irregular heartbeat

Hello, my wife has a two-wire pacemaker. It was stuck due to AV block condition. AV block condition becomes more evident under medication. Recently, a sequence like this started to occur in your heartbeats. One, two, three strikes, some waiting and one hard strike. Our doctor said it was due to extra systoles; But my wife nearly always feel them. She is very uncomfortable with the situation. Started taking 2.5 mg concor and 150 mg rhytmonorm. Medications provide some relief; but it can't solve it completely. We would be very happy if those who have experienced such a situation could comment.


extra beats

by Tracey_E - 2024-01-14 12:10:52

The pacer is a gas pedal, not a brake, so if the heart makes extra beats on its own the pacer can't stop it. They are annoying but generally considered harmless. Sometimes medications can help, but as she's learned they don't always get it. I'm sorry she's dealing with this. 

Extra Systoles

by Selwyn - 2024-01-14 14:47:53

Your wife should avoid know causations that can be easily fixed:

eg. caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, street drugs, and some medication.

Make sure her thyroid function is normal ( a medical problem).

Try to avoid anxiety and excessive exercise and tiredness.

The medication dosage may be adjusted- you need a medic. to do this. Do not do this yourself.

Some extra beats are normal eg. after exercise, with tiredness. 

If they are distressing this is a medical problem, though as above, you should do what you need to do to help yourself.

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