Boston Scientific L331

Hi , I had a Boston Scientific L331 implanted 4 weeks ago , I am an Ex elite cyclist who now coaches and competes in Biathlon . 

Looking for advice on settings , I notice that when I am cross country skiing that my heart rate lags 20-30 seconds behind the effort., I have to slow down a little the for my HR to catch up with the effort. 

any advise ????

Thanks  Chris


Sounds pretty average

by R2D2 - 2024-01-15 21:48:06

From what I understand, that's a common issue with us. I'm not the athlete you are, but I call it my warm up period. I've been told that's normal. No matter what settings they use, there's a delay in our hearts catching up. I could be wrong, but I think pretty much everyone with a pacemaker (or ICD, CRT-D implant) has to adjust to slow take-offs. 

Optimizing settings

by Julros - 2024-01-15 22:11:18

Talk to your pacer tech. They should be able to adjust your settings so that your device responds when you need it and to the level you need. This may require exercising on a treadmill in the office. At my office they called it a CAEP test and brought in the manufacturer rep to do it. It may take more that one session. The first time I asked I was laughed at, but persistance got me the settings that allow me to do what I want, for the most part. 


by new to pace.... - 2024-01-16 00:15:07

is this another pacemaker for you. as 2 months ago you had the same problem with an Abbott?

rate response

by Tracey_E - 2024-01-16 08:41:49

When you are exercising, the pacer has to sense that you are exercising then it will raise your rate. Boston uses minute ventillation, which responds to your breathing. Most brands respond to movement, so this was a good choice for you as a cyclist. However, there are various settings and sensitivity levels so it may take a couple of tries to get it adjusted just right for you. I would go back and ask them to fine tune.

You may find that your needs are different cross country skiing than cycling, settings that work well for one is less than ideal for the other. 

Boston Scientific settings for exercise.

by Selwyn - 2024-01-17 19:59:58

Hi Chris,

Good luck!  Please search for the various posts previously made on this subject.

My cardiac physiologist reckons the only time the minute ventilation (MV)  rate response of the Boston Scientific is of use is for cyclists. The blending of MV with the accelerometer function means that the effect of the accelerometer is dulled. 

I have my reaction time ( for the accelerometer) on the short setting ( roughly 10 seconds to reach the maximum threshold llimit for heart rate).  This seems to have been helpful for the start of swimming. I have found I am better off with the MV function not switched on .

I would suggest you have a read of the Boston Scientific reference guide:

Read  pages 2-28  - 2-34 about the exercise settings. 

From what you are describing you may need the same setting as me ( though I have an Accolade PM). Beware, we are all individuals. We have different bodies and different lifestyles. Mainly, I am either inactive or exercising like crazy. The fast reaction time seems to suit.


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