Persistence pays

Hi all, 

I received a dual lead PM almost 4 years ago.   It has taken until just a few months ago to get the settings just right for me.  I was blessed to have a technician team that takes genuine interest in her patients and their health.  Shout out to Rebecca and Erin if you're on here 🙌.   I'm also benefiting from remote monitoring (thanks again Rebecca).  My recent phone check up revealed that my 'numbers are 1000% better than before'.  So, to all of you who are not completely happy yet with how your device is supporting you,  keep on asking,  keep on sharing how you are feeling.  It can help our team to support us more effectively.   Peace,  and happy new year to you all. 




I love success stories too

by Gemita - 2024-01-21 01:06:31

Thank you so much John for sharing your positive results.  I love success stories too and they are good for our health!  Few members seem to come back and report successes which is a pity although I have been told they are probably too busy getting on with their lives.  

I have to say I too have benefitted from asking questions, learning, engaging with my team.  They sometimes try to tell me to leave the thinking to them, but I am interested in my device, what it can and cannot do for me, especially as an arrhythmia sufferer.  

Yes speak up if pacing doesn’t feel quite right.  Hopefully there is always an explanation or a Settings adjustment that could help, particularly if the pacemaker is somehow involved in causing a disturbance or symptoms?   But as you have clearly found, it can take time and persistence to get our pacemakers tuned to suit us individually.

Are you able to share with us which setting(s) were adjusted since I see your last monitoring results showed 1000% improvement?   

Happy report!

by Lavender - 2024-01-21 09:23:17


You certainly have been persistent and as well respectful in working with your cardiac team. It's paid off! Your posts are always intelligent and informative. Congratulations on such a good outcome!


by BradyJohn - 2024-01-21 18:57:41

Thanks Gemita for your good words.  I don't actually know the setting that has been so helpful to me though I believe it is related to rate response for exercise.   I saw about a 15-20 bpm increase simply with brisk walks. 

All the best to everyone! 


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