Help with Rhythm Freeze

I have an appointment with my EP this week and in preparation for it I was looking at a Rhythm Freeze (ECG / EGM) from one of my downloads. It looks different to others on file.

I’m being paced at 60 bpm, and the rhythm freeze shows pretty regular QRS complexes, (approx 4 large squares between every 1 downward pacing spike - counting below the line).  However, there are also what look like mini, but incomplete, QRS complexes between each of the QRS complexes. Occasionally there are 2-3 of them between beats. It looks to my untrained eye as if my heart is regularly trying to respond to something.)

Has anyone had anything similar explained to them or does anyone more knowledgeable than me know what might be causing them? 

I will ask the doctor when I see him, but just wanted a rough idea.  


Rhythm Freeze

by Gemita - 2024-01-23 15:33:27

Penguin, might be helpful if you posted the ECG strip to the gallery after removing your personal details?  

Are you talking about a rhythm freeze 'capture' of your heart rhythm to assess intrinsic rhythm?  Can you explain a bit more?  Were these Rhythm freezes done during your last routine device check for example when you were connected to a surface ECG?  When and where were they captured?    Could you please provide more information.  

Members who are able to interpret ECGs might be able to help if you could provide a gallery pic?


by Penguin - 2024-01-23 16:01:39

Yes, I am talking about a rhythm freeze to assess intrinsic rhythm at my last check. 

No, I was not connected to a surface ECG. That's never happened in any of my checks over many years.

The rhythm freeze comes from pacemaker diagnostics and  features on the interrogation information passed on to me.  It's generated by the device's internal ECG as I understand it as the techs can change settings whilst it is place e.g. remove settings which may be the cause of symptoms. 

I'm not keen on posting my info (anonymised or otherwise) in the gallery. Sorry. 

Please do report back Penguin

by Gemita - 2024-01-24 06:40:16

I understand about posting in the Gallery.  I shouldn't have asked.  Please let us know how your appointment goes and what those mini, incomplete QRS looking complexes signify if indeed they are of significance?  

It is another language isn't it, but for the trained eye, your rhythm freeze ECG should give the reader a number of potential clues, perhaps lead capture/voltage related but I am guessing here.  Could this perhaps have something to do with the alerts/recalls that are out there for certain Abbott devices?  I hope your appointment gives reassurance

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