update from previous post :saw the shoulder DR for the results of MRI

Again  while at Radiology on Monday for Spine MRI.  Reader had trouble connecting to their IPad.  Again i asked what happens if it does not connect after the MRI.  Was reasured if that happens  they would not let me leave , but send me to the ER(US). Was at the public hospital.

Pacemaker Clinic say my pacemaker would send an alert to them, saying "not out of safe mode".  Did i want to send them a transmission to make sure.  I said am checked nightly and was sure i would be notified.  Since that did not happen,decided i was ok. 

Shoulder Dr. said i was good.  The Tendon that is torn(supraspinatus is part of the Rotator Cuff).  All the other tendons, are ok.   If i have pain can get a shot.  To keep moving the shoulder.  Can also get a shot for the bursitis.  Will keep on with acpuncture and the occasional shots with her  that I need.  At least now we know what and where to work on healing.  I can now reach across my back and tuck in my tank and blouse.  Which had  not been able to do since the tear last Jan.2023.

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Hi Mary

by Lavender - 2024-01-25 07:12:51

I'm so glad that things went well with the MRI for the spine, too. Now they can assess that in depth. Glad too, that the dr says the shoulder is good! It's challenging as we age to deal with all the squeaky wheels. đź’•

getting old is not for sissies

by new to pace.... - 2024-01-25 08:07:00

Thanks Lavender . Will see the PA in the spine dr's office on Monday for the results of the Spine MRI.

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Thank you for the update

by Gemita - 2024-01-25 11:42:01

New to Pace, thank you for the update.  I am glad your shoulder can be treated without invasive surgery.  That really is the best news we could have hoped for.  At our age, we really don’t want to be having surgery if more gentle measures can be taken to ease your pain.  I have never tried acupuncture.  Not something that particularly appeals but I know some find it very helpful.  I hope your bursitis can be helped too without the need for anti flammatory meds or steroid injections.

On the subject of your Reader (puck), that is really worrying to hear that it was still causing problems and not connecting to their iPad BEFORE your MRI.  Personally I might have got up and walked away.  We cannot go into an MRI environment if certain conditions haven’t been met and I am not sure that a puck that is playing up can be relied on to keep a pacemaker patient safe while having an MRI scan.  In the very least I would have expected them to have either charged it in readiness, or changed it prior to scanning another patient.  From your comments, I don’t think anything was done to make sure that it was working properly and safe to use again.  

concern also

by new to pace.... - 2024-01-25 12:40:10

thanks Gemita for your comments. Before i even got undressed make sure to ask if they had been charging the reader.  They assured me it had.   Yes, I to was concerned when the reader was so slow in connecting with the Ipad.  All of a sudden the Ipad screen showed in safe mode and Surescan ready for MRI.  After MRI it read really fast.

When i got the survey from the hospital after the first MRI. Asking me how they did.   Gave it a poor rating and explained why.  If i get another will also give a poor rating and explain why.

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