Is it OK to have a haircut with electrical (wireless_ clippers with a pacemaker implanted 25 days ago. Thanks



by Lavender - 2024-01-25 07:09:01

Hi! I think it's just fine. I have a pacemaker and I use electric hair clippers all the time to cut men's hair. I'm the family inhouse nonprofessional barber🤣

Also, I have a relative with a pacemaker who gets his hair cut with clippers in a real barber shop and he does fine. 

Go ahead and get yourself all groomed!🙌🏼


by Lavender - 2024-01-25 07:22:36

Copy and paste this to see your manufacturer's guide to all kinds of appliances, medical procedures and products that might affect your pacemaker. There isn't much that would be a problem:


by piglet22 - 2024-01-25 07:38:01

Welcome to life with pacemaker.

As well as having something to chat to the hairdresser about, you can relax and not worry that you might suddenly rev up to 200 BPM.

It's very unlikely that clippers used on your head would have any adverse effect, battery powered or mains powered.

I get mine cut with clippers without a second thought, though mainly it's with scissors.

Even a quick blow dry is event free.

With pacemakers, it's better not to worry about all the possible things that could go wrong, but probably won't, and simply get on with life.

Unless you are in some hazardous job like welding pipelines, or have some unusual hobbies, it's unlikely that you will ever be at risk from something affecting the PM.

I'm not suggesting you ignore it altogether, but you might just need to think a bit more about what you do before you do it, than normal.

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