My final results from MRI of Spine

Saw the PA for the spine doctor who after seeing the results of the MRI agreed no surgery needed.  Which is what the second opionion Dr. said.  No new compression fracures just some old ones.

  Do have the curvature of the spine in an "S" shape not in the direction of the heart.  Thank goodness do not want any more problems with  the heart and  not severe.  No pinched nerves. If any pain can get a corisone shot, as like the other joints have arthrits. 

 Got a work order for PT if i want to try that method again.  Also a prescription for a  Swivel Shower Chair.                                                                                                                   It has been an interesting time as both first doctors(shoulder and spine) said yes to surgery.  The second opioion doctor's both said no to surgery.  All 4 doctors read the same x-ray.                                                                                   Done with doctors poking and prodding for awhile at least until March and the yearly check ups start.       

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Good news

by Lavender - 2024-01-29 22:11:31

We have talked a lot lately about the need for second opinions and more research. Sounds like it saved you from unnecessary surgery! 

My New Year's resolution was less dr appointments. 🤣Hope same for you!

good news

by new to pace.... - 2024-01-30 04:07:10

Thanks, Lavender.

I too hope less appointments have  one more in Febuary to replace the temporary crown.  Had put that off while waiting to see if surgery was needed. Have to premed becuase  my shoulder was replaced.  At least  any infection i have will be cured at that time.

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A good decision to leave well alone

by Gemita - 2024-01-30 05:28:46

Hello New to Pace,

As we get older we do need more help, don’t we but in some cases it might be safer to leave well alone.  Health professionals have told me in the past there is no consensus on the optimal treatment for some spinal fractures especially in the elderly who may have multiple medical problems which would increase the risk of complications.

Whilst a somewhat confusing picture, you have done absolutely the right thing by getting different opinions on your best course of action. Ultimately though we come back to how we feel, how well we are managing, whether we still have a quality of life?  

You seem to be managing well with conservative measures, without the need for invasive, potentially risky treatments, so I am confident that you will do no harm by leaving well alone.  Your heart which is why we are here, will thank you for not exposing it to further stress and triggering more in the way of rhythm disturbances.  Now you can focus on getting better, supporting any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and building up your bone strength.  This is what I am doing since I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  I seem to have improved my diagnosis of Osteoporosis in the spine.  Didn’t know this could happen?  They are now telling me I have Osteopenia in the spine, unless it is a technician scan error.  

Good luck New to Pace and I hope you will recover well from your difficulties


by new to pace.... - 2024-01-30 06:25:44

As always thanks Gemita for your thoughtful comments.

Glad to hear you have improved your Osteoporosis in your spine to the lesser   Osteopenia. Is what you have in the beginning  before Osteoporosis.  So it is a good thing now.

Have been taking vitamin D3 for years and double the dose in our deary sunless winters.  Along with K2.   Hopefully these 2 will help.  Also been trying to eat more calcium rich foods.  Such as Green Beans and Dairy which has  also  been increasing  my weight.

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