It's time to replace the battery - yeah!

Well, I did feel the change to the ERI mode.  It happened on Saturday evening.  I did the mobile check and reached out to my EP nurse this morning.  I'll get to schedule tomorrow.  

So weird that on December 20, 2023, technician said I had 5 months and couldn't get replaced yet and today it's been confirmed.

Happy to have all of you to talk to and have real truthful conversations.  I'll follow up after surgery.




by Good Dog - 2024-01-29 18:26:11

Well, congrat's! Enjoy your shiny new pacemaker! The best part is that you won't have to wonder or worry about ERI again for a very, very long time! 

Go figure? All the great sophisticated technology in these devices and yet they just can't quite get the battery life figured-out any better than this?


Wishing you the best!




by Lavender - 2024-01-29 22:09:03

You're ready to go! You got a lot of life from your battery!  Please explain how you felt when it went into ERI. 

feelings of ERI

by natalie - 2024-01-30 10:19:55

Hey there, the last couple of weeks, I noticed I was having more difficulty getting up in the morning.  I was so tired after sleeping most of the night. Then on Saturday 27th, I again was really tired and read until bedtime.   

While I sat and read, my heart started fluttering, skipping beats and my breathing was short.  It became so noticeable that I felt the need to sit as tall as possible to try to give more space in my chest.  

When I awoke Sunday morning, the tiredness and heart fluttering continued throughout the day and into Monday morning.  I was suppose to go kayaking Monday morning, but had a vertigo event that put me back to bed.  The vertigo comes and goes and my heart is just a fluttering and shortness of breath stays even when I'm in bed.  

I have a heart rate monitor on my phone and I used it throughout the fluttering events - 65 was captured each time.  They told me about the shortness of breath, but I didn't realize it would be with me all the time.  

Thank you

by Lavender - 2024-01-30 11:09:12

I appreciate you explaining your symptoms. I am 100% dependent on my CRT-P. I was told you go back to feeling how you felt before you had the pacemaker but that the pacemaker would continue to beat your heart. 

You will be glad to get your new battery! God bless you and keep you in His tender care. Let us know how it goes!!

what is happening

by Good Dog - 2024-01-30 12:11:55

What is happening in ERI is that your PM stops pacing normally and only paces the right ventricle at a steady 65 bpm rate. That is a way to know you've reached ERI. If your rate never changes from 65 and you are near the end of battery life, then it is pretty likey you are there. You are not in any danger and you have plenty of battery to keep you going, but you just feel like crap! Supposedly they are changing the functionality at ERI in the new models so that it does not do that anymore. So aside from feeling like crap.....IT IS ALL GOOD!

Best wishes!



by natalie - 2024-01-30 12:27:11

I definitely feel awful. Which is so weird to me.  65 beats is lovely compared to 30 when I had to have the PM. 

It will probably be about a week or more before it gets scheduled. So I'm  figuring out how to do things by sitting and resting in between tasks.  I will say, driving isn't great. Just got back from an appt.  Thank goodness the speed limit around me is only 30-35 and there aren't many folks out and about.   But I won't be doing it again though.  

Your heart in ERI

by Good Dog - 2024-01-30 20:37:32

Can't you get your admission appt moved-up? Tell them you need it ASAP. Don't be bashful! The rate of 65 may be lovely, but the thing is that your heart is out-of-sync which is why you feel so poopy. Not to worry though, you'll be fine.

You seem to have the correct approach to this. Take it slow.....



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