Pacemaker and nerve problems

I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced nerve pain or damage as a result of the pacemaker and how it was located. For example, in the shoulder area, arm, and or even your hand? 

I am a thin person so my pacemaker does not look nice and smooth on my skin... you can tell it's there. I do notice my shoulder isn't as flexible as my right one so occasionally I can feel like a little discomfort in the muscles or nerves.. not on the entire arm. Simply some areas depending if I am holding a heavy pan to wash or leaning on my left elbow.. or typing too much.. it won't last long but it's noticeable that it bothers sometimes and I am wondering can this be because of the pacemaker pressing on some nerves..






by Lavender - 2024-01-31 21:41:00

I have had my pacemaker for almost three years. I do think my left arm has more issues not always, but now and then. My armpit feels like a tight muscle band sometimes. Sometimes it pulls or has a sharp twinge near the device. The muscle gets stiff or the shoulder area feels tense. 

I cook in only cast iron pans and never lift them with the left arm. It just feels weaker. 

Holding a cellphone with my left hand and typing with my right causes muscle tension too if I do it too long. 
I bought a membership with a therapeutic massage. Once or twice a month, I see the same woman. She loosens it all up and keeps me limber and comfortable. 

Thank you Lavender For Sharing

by Nina38 - 2024-01-31 21:57:17

Lavender, thank you for sharing your experience. All this time I felt like it was just me... my right arm is much stronger than my left.. perhaps I should consider some message therapy to help since I am getting older and do not work out. So it may help ease the discomfort on my left arm. 
thanks :)


by new to pace.... - 2024-01-31 22:28:57

After my implanted pacemaker, i had acupunture treatments that helped to loosen  the scar tissue. 

I still have them as i tore a tendon in my left shoulder and since i have the pacemaker on that side. After a year of that treatment can finally bring my left hand accross my back. Cannot do any type of tens(electrical)treatment on that side.  As i do on the ride side and back.

new to pace


by new to pace.... - 2024-02-01 12:37:36

Was wondering if you had this problem after your other pacemaker replacements though the years.?

new to pace

Pain after pacemaker

by Selwyn - 2024-02-01 13:29:13

Please see:

This should answer your question. Within is the literature citations for the complications of pacemaker insertion.

Complications from pacemaker insertion are rare, though not unknown. 



by Laurette - 2024-02-03 09:31:20

 I have been going to a physical therapist for 3 months to help with a frozen shoulder. They also do a massage with a Gus Asha scraping massage tool. It is great for soft tissue mobilization. It is available on Amazon Stickon stainless has helped me and have purchased one to do it at home. You must use a type of emollient cream which glides the tool over your skin.

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