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I am a Cycle Guide and I had a Biotronic Evity 8 DRT Pacemaker fitted on October 23rd. I am now training hard on the bike for the 2024 season and I am struggling, probably inevitably, with my fitness. I used to race at a top amateur level. My surgeon has set my Pacemaker to 45-130 and I was wondering if the upper level is inhibiting my progress. As a Cycle Coach, I record and monitor all my stats and I have done nearly 50 rides since the operation with my average Heart Rate being around 145 bpm and maximum Heart Rate 165 bpm. So my question is whether the 130 upper limit is appropriate to my current Heart Rate levels?


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by Julros - 2024-02-02 17:42:32

This is a convo to have with your cardiologist. To my understanding, limits are determined by age, level of fitness, and underlying cardiac diagnosis. It may be helpful to be checked while on a treadmill or stationary bike, with a tech or device rep on hand to optimize your settings. 

My device was originally set to 60-120, and I was laughed at by a tech when I asked to have it raised. I spoke with the doctor and he said 130 was the highest I could do based on my age, 62 at the time. I had a treadmill and the manufacturer rep set me to 145, based on my level of tolerance and ekg readings. 


by doublehorn48 - 2024-02-03 12:15:46

I was 38 when I got my first pm. The settings were 60-160. At 75 they are still 60-160. I use to be able to get my upper rate up to 168, but now I don't hit 160. I'm not a doctor but I would think your upper range should be higher. I agree you should talk to your cardiologist.

Pacemaker settings

by Jacque - 2024-03-02 17:35:02

I had been running marathons before I got my pacemaker and as soon as I returned to running I struggled to get my heart rate over 110.  I would get so winded that I had to walk.  With the help of my Garmin, I took readings of my pace and my heart rate and overlayed the readings so my cardiologist could easily see that my heart rate was not keeping up with the demand.  (Of course, he did think I was a little crazy) .  I met with the pacemaker rep a few days later and he made some adjustments (increased my top # to 170) and it's been great for the most part.  I'm a newbie at CrossFit, only been there a year, and I'm finding that there are times my heart rate doesn't seem to match my perceived intensity.  May have to have another discussion with the doc.  

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