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Are there any cross country skiers out there with a BS pace maker ?   We are having a hard time coming up with some Accel, MV settings that work . ( I had a race last week and spent 35 min at a Heart rate of 170 , had to come to a total stop to slow the heart rate down !!! )  HELP !!!


Not entirely clear what the problem is...

by crustyg - 2024-02-03 09:01:24

...although it's clear that you weren't happy with a HR of 170BPM.

MaxHR is very individual, although many older athletic PM patients are given a maxHR that is much too low.  Unless your EP-doc happens to be the medic assigned to a pro-cycling team it's unlikely that s/he will have much personal experience of sensible maxHR for athletes >60yrs of age.

For you: *IF* 170BPM is associated with symptoms of cardiac ischaemia then obviously it's too high, and perhaps 150-155BPM might be more sensible.

As always, the real concern is how you feel: the numbers are less important.  If you feel great with a HR of 165BPM for 2hrs straight, then your heart muscle is doing fine, it has a good blood supply and you're lucky (at our age).  I know that if I push too hard and let myself become dehydrated then my HR zooms up above 165BPM and I quickly feel terrible => time to stop.  Is that what happened to you?

I know that you've posted on Accolade settings here: I would think that blended RR using accelerometer and MV would be perfect for cross-country skiing.  Initial setoff triggers accel (the device responds to forward/backward movement only) and then as MV catches up and overtakes accel input to RR, it becomes the only determinant of RR - ideal for cross country.

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