Hi, is there an age limit on a pacemaker patient? Like how old is to old to get one? I appreciate your opinions and replys. thank you


Here's one example...

by Daedalus - 2024-02-03 00:04:34

Don't know if there's a max age.  I suppose it would depend on the patient condition, health, need, etc. Three days before I got my PM implanted, my cardiologist put one in a 92 year old.  

Life saving

by Penguin - 2024-02-03 05:36:33

If a pacemaker is deemed to be the treatment to save someone's life, I imagine that most doctors would consider it no matter what your age.  As Daedalus says, other conditons may factor into the discussion, but not age alone.  

When we get very, very old perhaps the discussion we have with our doctors about quality of life and how we feel about an operation / medical interference gains importance too.



by piglet22 - 2024-02-03 06:07:11

Two phrases come to mind.

"While there's life, there's hope" and "Do no harm"

My elderly aunt was having PM replacements into her 90s and had a much better quality of life.

I've seen at first hand the futility of treatment in aggressive terminal cancer, but at least someone was trying, not giving up.

Having a PM fitted is so relatively straightforward and safe I think the reasons for not doing it would have to be compelling.


by Lavender - 2024-02-03 09:53:15

I know a man who got his at age 89 1/2. He had a quad bypass in his late 50's.  Worth it. The family enjoyed having him see his great grandchildren play sports. He and his wife treasured the extra time together. 


by new to pace.... - 2024-02-03 21:06:29

In this forum below  there is a post where the person said they are 83 and getting a pacemaker.

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