Can’t believe I feel so awful

Hey there, so I'm 5 days from surgery to replace my 12 year old battery. It's been 7 days since my pacemaker switched to ERI. Nurse  said I would have shortness of breath and won't feel good. I wish I had had better information about what that really meant. I am learning how to cope with the following:

weakness and getting easily fatigued from walking around the house, taking care of my cat and self, eating and showering. 

SOB and dizziness are constant and hits even when I'm trying to sleep  

I can't tolerate caffeine, getting overheated or taking the stairs. 

It's disappointing that the system(my doctor and insurance) doesn't seem to care. 


Hugs, so crazy

by Lavender - 2024-02-03 22:21:32

Why you should have to suffer like this is beyond my comprehension. It makes me angry! You need that replacement and they know dang well!  My cardiologist told me that insurance won't pay til you reach a certain point. The doctor's hands are tied. I wish the insurance company executives who make these uncaring decisions would have to experience what you describe so they grow their compassion bone. 

You poor dear!  Five more days of it and then a short surgery will make you comfortable. You shouldn't have to do even one day of it. 😤

Dearest Father God, please look upon this person with mercy and love. Move things forward, shower Natalie with comfort and ease of breathing. Make her calm. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen 

It's stupid!

by USMC-Pacer - 2024-02-04 00:34:10

I would go to the emergency room and see how the insurance company likes those bills. Complaining of SOB requires numerous expensive cardiac tests that they would have to pay for. Noone should have to suffer through that nonsense due to some obscure cutoff date of a battery. They last +- 10 years and they are nickel and diming a few weeks? I'd be worried about doing a little too much and ending up in some type of a dangerous arrhythmia! JMHO

Unnecessary Suffering

by SeenBetterDays - 2024-02-04 17:29:40

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this experience. It must be so distressing and the worst thing is, this situation is completely avoidable if the insurance company's policies were updated. This is a terrible way to treat pacemaker recipients in my view. I really feel for you and hope that you can get through the next few days and that your replacement surgery goes smoothly. Stay strong and I'll be thinking of you.

Thanks y’all

by natalie - 2024-02-04 17:45:23

I'm going to make it and am thankful for your kindness and support. 

Here with you

by Lavender - 2024-02-05 13:10:08

Continuing in prayer for your comfort and peace. 

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