Help With Medtronic Care Link App

Going carzy over here....

I got a new Iphone... when it pulled in my Carelink App my old device from 2019 is in it.

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled (twice so far) but the old device is stil therer and not my new one.

When you install it asks for the SN which I have (luckily) but still no luck.


Any advice? 



by USMC-Pacer - 2024-02-04 14:48:51

I've had numerous connection issues with the APP. For me, I've had to call the company. Not Medtronic, but the rhythm management folks. Each time they blame me but it's been on their end :) I think your clinic could take care of it as well, but it's probably easier to contact the monitoring agency.

I hear ya

by Pacer2019 - 2024-02-05 00:29:21

I am gonna have to call tomorrow... thanks for replying.  The whole monitoring process is a somehwat of a mystery to me. I know (assume) they do it... my app sneds them transmissions and I never hear anythinf -  no news good news i assume. makes me think...I asure do operate on faith alot!

Me too..

by USMC-Pacer - 2024-02-05 01:22:26

The only time I get a response is on the 90 day transmission and that is only a bunch of jibberish I don't understand, lol.. I just look for "episodes," if I don't see any I assume all is well :)


by piglet22 - 2024-02-05 05:14:52

I can't speak for the phone app as my Medtronic PM is too old to communicate through Bluetooth.

I do have a manual MCL where I placed a reader over the device and data is sent to the pacing hub.

The policy here or in my health trust used to be send the data at a prearranged time and date, the pacing technicians would look at it and call you back about 30 minutes later.

The policy has recently changed and you don't get a callback unless something is wrong like battery getting low.

I think this is a step too far and cuts you off from the clinic altogether.

After all, it's only 10 minutes a year.

I've never found the hospital very helpful with problems with MCL and have always had to contact Medtronic by international call.

When the first MCL went wrong, the hospital response was to dispose of it. You see them on eBay for £30.

I suspect it was just a problem with the reader not charging correctly on the base unit, but even that was considered enough to scrap the lot and not attempt to fix it.

It did give me the opportunity to see how it worked.


by Pacer2019 - 2024-02-06 17:18:00

this is the toll free nunber I got help to solve my Medtronic sync issue from.

Very helpful..problem resolved 

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