Is anyone here a knitter? If so, do you manage to knit in comfort or do you experience pain at PM site? I've had my PM now for 5 months and still finding this activity a strain. Any ideas welcome.


Knitter and crocheter

by Lavender - 2024-02-07 13:02:59

In the past I was an avid knitter and mostly crocheted. I crocheted a small project since I received the pacemaker. I haven't knitted and don't intend to. I think it would aggravate the upper chest muscles around the pacemaker. I finally used up all my yarn bits and have hung up my needles and crochet hook. 😉

Even holding my cellphone too long with my left hand while I type on it strains the muscles around the pacemaker so I limit that. 

You might find in time that it doesn't bother you, though. 

Knitting in Comfot

by tonicarr - 2024-02-08 23:22:23

I am an avid knitter. My pacemaker was implanted 8 months ago. From the time it was implanted to now knitting has not been a problem or uncomfortable. 4 months ago I had a lead revision at that time wanted them to move my PM down. After that procedure I did not have any problems crafting. Your issue may not be the PM. 

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