tomorrow is surgery day!

Hi all, thank you for your encouragement while I have been navigating the last 12 days of ERI.  

Before the mode switch, I was going to Iyengar yoga 4 times a week, walking 2-3 miles 2 times a week, kayaking, biking and painting. I am active and so ready to be back at everything I love to do. 

How long do you think recovery will be for me?  Only the PM is being replaced, leads stay in - yeah!

- Will I be able to go kayaking on Feb. 23rd?

- Will I be able to return to yoga by March 1st?

Thanks, yall,






Kayaking: probably not

by crustyg - 2024-02-07 17:21:06

The most important rule post implant/replacement is to keep the wound clean and *dry*.  IMHO, your team should use a waterproof, gas permeable membrane dressing, but this only stays on for a week or so.  The wound usually needs more time than this to be really secure against water ingress.

But pretty much everything else should be OK within a couple of days.  You'll probably have twinges from the pocket for some time - a lot depends on how much fibrosis you have around the existing device, so all those 'chest opening' moves in yoga may cause some discomfort.  I had them for >6months after implantation.

I predict that you will feel much better immediately after device replacement (as long as the wound isn't too painful).

Best wishes.

I won’t go kayaking…yet

by natalie - 2024-02-07 19:47:31

Crustyg and Angry Sparrow- thank you for your advice that I will follow. 

Patience my dear😘

by Lavender - 2024-02-07 21:48:34

Lol how nice that you're eager to get out there and live the life you love. 
God go with you tomorrow and may your healing be complete and swift! Check back when you're able!  

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