Left arm arthritis?

So for the past week or so I was experiencing on and off pain in my left arm. From wrist pain, to finger joint pain, palm, forearm, elbow, shoulder.. no numbness, no chest pain, nothing else but these short moments of what I thought was nerve pain.. and all these areas didn't all hurt at once.. it was literally one part hurt then it went away.. if I used my left arm then the pain occurred in my forearm for an example.. pain was never extreme nor did it last long maybe a few seconds or minutes. Warm shower always seemed to help and all was well... Reached out to my cardiologist and he suggested this can be arthritis? 
I was thinking nerve pain.. I do type a lot because it's part of my job so I even thought carpel tunnel. Well Dr.s appt is tomorrow.. 

but has anyone had similar issue with left arm.. I even thought it was my pacemaker or heart.. 

Super confused. 


pain in arm

by new to pace.... - 2024-02-08 10:33:46

I am not a medical person.  Sorry to hear you are still having problems.  Hope you are seeing an Orthro doctor and they will then take x-rays.  Can tell you then what is going on.  Most likely joint pain, might even suggest PT or OT.

Do come back and let us know what you find out and what you should be doing.

new to pace 


by docklock - 2024-02-08 10:57:49

I experienced the same type of pain in my left arm. Immediately thought my PM was messing up.

My pain WAS diaganosed as Carpal Tunnel.  I had to wait over 4 months from the time of seeing surgeon until the actual operation due to our local hospital building a cancer treatment center and disrupting normal operating procedures.  My surgeon did not want me to undergo nerve conductive tests due to my PM.   

Almost immediately after the Carpal surgery --- the pain was gone.

Because I had to wait SO LONG I have about 50% feeling in my fingers. Learning to work around many normal things tho.

Glad you are going to have yours checked out and if it is Carpal Tunnel --- don't wait to have it fixed. 

Nerve conduction test

by piglet22 - 2024-02-09 04:56:10

Interesting to read that you were considering or got as far are being advised against a nerve conduction test.

You might be glad you didn't.

I had numbness in my left hand and was referred to a neurologist.

The gentleman of few words placed an electrode on one finger and another on my upper arm.

Clearly some sort of measurement was going to take place involving electricity and I said to him "you do know I have a pacemaker?"

Not a word.

He then proceeded to shock me about six times. 

It was the most painful experience ever, possibly like a police taser

 It made me feel ill. He showed no concern or apology. I thought he almost enjoyed it.

Admittedly it wasn't across my chest, but there was no reassurance.

The test showed 50% loss of nerve function and an operation might be required.

Wild horses wouldn't get me anywhere near him or nerve conduction tests.


by docklock - 2024-02-09 11:23:07

Not trying to hijak this original post, but I want to address piglet22's comment.

I had Carpal Tunnel surgery several years ago - well before my PM.  I had nerve conduction done and let me tell you -- it literally lifted me off the table. They tested several areas and the pain was terrrible.

Fast forward to this other side Carpal Tunnel surgery recently. The surgeon did was is called micro-surgery thats guided by UltraSound.  The scar was literally less than 1/4" as opposed to the other hand of 3". 

Thankfully she was absolutely opposed to a nerve conduction test after learning of my PM. 


by Lavender - 2024-02-09 14:22:52

I had nerve conduction testing prior to receiving my pacemaker. It wasn't anything bad at all. A tiny pin prick in the back and legs in a couple spots. No pain. Guess it depends on who is administering the test. My doc is one of the top in my area. Hmmm


by piglet22 - 2024-02-10 06:21:30

What you had done was certainly not what I and doclock had.

It was extremely painful.

Have you ever experienced a mains electricity shock?

If you have this would be 240 volts UK.

The NCT uses something that felt a lot higher than that.

The consultant doing it rested my arm on a pillow with good reason.

The muscle spasm is intense and I let out a very rude expletive.

Apparently there are worse versions than that where needles are inserted into muscles and one of the medics said that patients definitely don't like that.

I for one will never agree to a NCT again, PM or no PM.

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