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I am a 46 year old female. I had a Complete Heart Block in August, shortly after a significant medical event which occurred three weeks prior. I hemorrhaged after a routine hemmerhoid surgery and required several blood transfusions. It is not know whether there is any relationship between the two events. 

It has been determined that my RVL is working too hard and is draining the battery life of the pacemaker. It is thought that this is because it is conducting through excess scar tissue. The cardiologist has determined that it's best to replace the RVL.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there anything I should be aware of prior to this surgery? 

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Lead replacement

by Julros - 2024-02-12 01:30:59

My sister and I recently underwent RV lead replacement. Mine had been in longer and the subclavian vein was scarred around the lead, so it required a bit more care to remove. My sister's had been in place for approximately 2 years, which, according to the electrophysiologist , is about when removal gets riskier. But my sister had no problem what so ever, and had much less pain and swelling than original implant. 

We had ours done at a teaching hospital by an EP who does several lead revisions per year. 

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