Interference from vacuuming floors or leaf blower with cords

I am new to my pacemaker and I need to do some housework and back yard leaf blowing.  Will the vibrations interfere with my new pacemaker?

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by piglet22 - 2024-02-14 05:37:39


I suspect the answer is no.

I haven't got one, electric or petrol, but do have plenty of other tools that cause significant vibration.

A large drill for drilling concrete with SDS bits certainly vibrates a lot, as do reciprocating sanding machine for example.

To be honest, I've never given it a second thought.

Vibration and rate adaptive settings

by Gemita - 2024-02-14 05:50:52

The vibration could temporarily trigger activity from a pacemaker rate adaptive mode setting I suppose which might cause your heart rate to increase until you stop the blower motor?  Cannot think of any other problems with general house cleaning tools, unless the bending, extra exertion causes other symptoms for your heart.  How long have you had your pacemaker?  

I would try these activities and stop if they cause difficult symptoms or just have frequent breaks.  I cannot see any harm in using a hoover.


by new to pace.... - 2024-02-14 06:02:59

I would surely love not to do those things,  Unfortuantely that excuse will not work.  Have not had any problems with either.

 new to pace


by Lurker - 2024-02-14 12:34:07

I use both corded and battery powered leaf blowers.

Not a problem with either.

Don't forget the blower is hanging off your hand and vibration would hav e to travel up your arm to shoulder. If you suspect it bothers you try the other hand. 
Also with corded blowers you should be wearing hearing protection.  

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