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Hi Indy77, Sorry to hear you have to be dealing with this stress and worry.  I would be worried with extracting a lead that old also.  I had a lead extraction done, but it was for a fractured lead that had only been in for about 5 years.  It came out ok, but I also have a clotting disorder, but sounds like the opposite of your problem.  I tend to clot to easily.  So after they extracted the lead, I clotted my entire subclavian, innominate and even into my jugular vein.  We actually found out after the surgery that I had this clotting disorder.  So it was a mess to deal with.  After they did the lead extraction they sent me to the CCU to recover for one night, just to be monitored more closely should any complications arise.  Then I was discharged home the next day.  I don't know if all hospitals send there patients to the icu after lead extractions but it was the policy of the hospital that I was at, that all patients have to be monitored in their icu for one night.  Made me feel better ( :  The last one I went in for a battery replacement they mentioned that it looked like the outer insulation of my atrial lead was fraying, which sounds similar to what happened to yours.  They ended up putting a medical grade adhesive on it and so far so good.   I  didn't know they could do something like glue to repair leads.  My atrial lead will be 20 years old this year, so it's getting up there also.  Hopefully you have a good ep who has done a lot of extractions.  My local dr ended up referring me out when I had to get my lead extracted to a very large university medical center that specializes and does a lot of lead extractions.  Because, although they've come far with extractions, you still want to be in the best hands possible.  Would be nice if they could use an adhesive like they did with me, it's worked very well so far.  They applied the adhesive during battery replacement surgery in 2017.  I have another replacement due this year, so we'll see o guess at that time how everything looks.  I have a crt also and am 46 as well...small world ( :  Take care, best of luck with whatever you decide.


Such a helpful post Jane

by Gemita - 2024-02-16 14:22:17

Jane thank you for your helpful post to Indy77.  I was sorry to hear about your fractured lead after only 5 years and difficulties on extraction with blood clots forming in the subclavian and jugular vein.  That must have been painful and frightening but they seemed to have taken good care of you.

I am not sure what the policy is on extraction of leads, whether the patient is automatically taken for a brief period to the ICU (intensive care unit) or to the CCU (cardiac care unit), but it sounds as though closer observation may be required before discharge.

I was interested to read that your atrial lead needed touching up with some medical grade adhesive to treat the fraying.  Incredible.  I wasn’t aware that they could repair a fraying lead.  I wonder how long it will last, although I see your lead is quite old at 20 years, so I hope it is still working adequately.  I am sure it must be, otherwise why repair it?

I know you are due for another device replacement this year, so I hope at that time you will get a better device in all respects and that your atrial lead will still be capable of giving an adequate service.  If not, it will be interesting to know whether the atrial lead will be replaced or whether they will just focus on biventricular pacing, since I know you have atrial tachy arrhythmias.  


by Figallegro - 2024-02-16 14:52:46

I had two leads extracted after having them 8 years due to lead fractures.This was done bu a very exoperienced doctor at a highly rated hospital  Both leads broke during removal and I ended up with a tare of my Tricuspid valve causing signifcant regurgitation.In the process now of getting a TEE thsn valve repair.

As an aside, there is a significant improvement in how I feel with the new leads and Pacer.


Thanks Gemita, best of luck Tony

by JaneJ - 2024-02-16 23:39:42

Thanks for your kind and helpful words Gemita!  Yes, I am hoping all will be well when I go to have battery change.  Readings on all my device checks have been good thus far, so fingers crossed!  I have to have the atrial lead also, as I'm 100% paced in atrium.  And then complete heart block as well, so need the ventricular ones also ( :  I'm so glad they could just repair the atrial lead with the adhesive...interesting product for sure!

Im so sorry to hear of your trouble with your extraction Tony.  Can't imagine how scary that would be.  I hope they are able to repair your tricuspid valve.  Def a risk to think about going forward shall I need another extraction in the future.

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