Mitral Valve repair

Can anyone share an experience on Mitral Valve repair and the "back to normal" life that I am led to believe will result after the operation. I can barely walk across a room without getting exhausted. I cant bend over without nearly passing out, I sleep with an oxygenator to combat waking up gasping for oxygen (it works beautifully) I suffer from sever E.D., my toes are tingley numb, fingertips too, and I force myself to walk any distance. I was diagnosed with moderate regurgitatin 6 years ago.I live in a tird world country now,and will have to travel back to my beloved U.S.A. for corrective surjury. I am hoping to hear fron others that had Mitral valve repair, and learn of the results...........................



by Julros - 2024-02-17 12:36:27

I've not had this surgery, but I used to work as a nurse caring for people after heart surgery, including valve repair and replacement. The majory of patients reported feeling better almost immediately. They were pinker and warmer, slept better and had more energy. 

I think you will be amazing at how much better you will feel. 

Best wishes


by USMC-Pacer - 2024-02-17 15:51:44

Never had mitral valve issues, but had aortic valve issues. Night and day I felt better immediately after the surgery. 

A friend recently had a mitaclip procedure done via transcatheter and walked out of the hospital the next day a new man! Before, just like you said, shortness of breath, exhaustion, and in his case, gained about 40 pounds in water due to failure. Just before his procedure he lost conciousness and ended up in the ER due to the water. Now all is well. God Bless and good luck.

Mitral Valve repair

by islandgirl - 2024-03-06 22:37:54

I had mitral valve repair about 5 years ago.  The chords on the flap had broken.  I had open heart and minimally invasive.  It was still a tough recovery, but there was an immediate change in the way I felt.  I waited about a month to have the surgery after they had told me I needed immediate surgery.  They put in a ring and repaired the chords.  I was too young for an artificial valve.

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