One year update

Assuming you can read my earlier messages, you'll know I was implanted a year ago in March, and had my AV node ablated in June. All this the result of a long term paroxysmal afib condition which had decided to no longer spontaneously self correct within a 30 hour period. This required 6 cardioversions in a 9 month period. 

Since June of '23 post AV node ablation, the world has looked VERY much better. Complete stability of my heart rate and as promised, while I may still have the occasional AFIB, I don't feel a thing. 

As well, the pacemaker (Medtronic Azure) reacts to my daily power walks perfectly (as well as any other exercise demand) to the point there is no discernible difference to my pre implant condition (Apple Watch measured results). One exception; the HR is about 8-10 beats higher. 

In short....FANTASTIC. And btw, we have a 5 year old Induction range and there is NO effect on the pacemaker despite all kinds of warnings to stay at least 2' away etc. The implant surgeon put it this way "don't lie on your stove top and you'll be fine"! 

At least so far, a happy ending to an uncomfortable situation. 


What a Success Story

by Gemita - 2024-02-17 15:31:42

Poppa, thank you for coming back and giving us the good news.  What a success story and I am so happy that you are feeling fine after your AV Node ablation.  I don't think it is a long procedure.  They quoted me around 15-20 mins, but I realise it is a final procedure to make you pacemaker dependent.

You seem to have benefitted from this ablation so far and it is such good news to know that you cannot feel your AF fibrillating away in the atria.  They always set the heart rate slightly higher after this type of ablation just to protect you initially, before lowering it, but if the higher heart rate is tolerated and good for you, then why not?

I may still go down that route, although my paroxysmal AF is still self converting back to NSR without the need for cardioversions or high dose meds.

So you feel only a steady heart beat and your ventricles are no longer being pushed by the irregularity and high heart rates of AF.  What a good outcome.  I hope you continue to be well and active


by Lavender - 2024-02-19 13:33:54

Thank you. I have read your wonderful post three times. Your words are sure to encourage others on the path behind you. 👍🏼

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