Interesting interview

Saw these two items on the news today about a footballer's experience of heart failure on the pitch.

I didn't catch if he was still playing though.


Nice lad

by Gemita - 2024-02-20 13:13:07

Piglet, thank you.  No Tom Lockyer is not playing at the moment.  I did hear about this on the news today.  What a lovely, sensible lad he is and he has certainly got his priorities spot on with thoughts of the baby coming and not thinking about himself as a professional footballer again just yet.  

Yes we should all learn CPR!  Not sure that I would be able to do it with confidence and effectively but it can certainly double a person’s chances of survival when they’ve had a cardiac arrest.  A broken rib or other injury during chest compressions can be treated.  We cannot afford to be too gentle or worry unduly about cracking a rib since usually it is best to press harder rather than softer.

When I think about it, we are lucky to have our devices that can fix our problems in many cases, although clearly not in all.

Tom's device was nicely tucked away, wasn't it?

Daley Blind

by H van Dyk - 2024-02-20 14:10:10

Here's another example of a football player who to this day is still able to perform on the highest level. Even at the level of the UEFA Champions League.
He's currently playing in Spain and he's also a fixed value for the Dutch national team.

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