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I'm a 67 yo male who was recently diagnosed with HCM and had a Medtronic Cobalt dual camber device (defibralator and pacer) implanted 4 weeks ago as Preventative for VT/VF. I've had NSVT and other atrial arrythmias and have other markers in risk stratification which is how I now find myself "in the club". I'm on two antiryhthmitics which I hate but understand the reason's why.... I'm an avid advanced waterskier who's out on the water 5 days per week and just wondering if anyone has experiecne, good or bad, with this type of recreation. I got the green light from both my Advanced Heart Disease Cardiologist and my EP who did the surgery prior to implant surgery and I'm up on the impact issues with the device and leads. There's snow on the ground so I'm a couple of months out from when we normally start up so thought I'd throw this out. Thanks, Mark



by R2D2 - 2024-02-20 21:37:39

I would say that you should be fine, but that's all up to you. By the time you can water ski again, your body will have had enough time to build up the scar tissue around your leads and as long as you're not contorting your arms wierd, I would think you will be fine. However, you will know if you're ready or not when the time comes. Personally, I've had mine put in 7 months ago, and I wouldn't even try it because I'm still sore and that's WAY too active for my condition. But we are different people and I've never water skiid in my life. LOL! 

My point is, if your doctor says it will be fine, and you feel good enough to do it when the time comes, then go for it! 

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