Does anyone have suggestions as to how to use a backpack with chest straps as they run across the area where my Pacemaker is implanted..



by Tracey_E - 2024-02-21 08:42:18

Depends on the type of pack. If it's a heavy pack for a full day of hiking, I'd find one that doesn't sit on it. Do you have REI nearby? They have weights you can put in the pack and wear it around the store. Padding helops for short distances/light weights, but no amount of padding will be comfortable all day. Slings can be a good alternative. 


by Figallegro - 2024-02-21 18:23:18

Thanks for suggesting REI. We have one nearby.


by Jacque - 2024-03-02 17:09:50

I went to REI and the staff could not have been more helpful.  I was only looking for a day pack but had expected it to be relatively heavily for all day hiking in Patagonia.  In fact, the staff member reminded me to check with Medtronic because there was a magnet on the pack that was close my pacemaker (didn't even occur to me).  I called Medtronic and they advised me to remove it.  Went to REInand they did it for me. 

Day hikes and backpacking

by Ahilltopper - 2024-03-16 10:49:29

For either day hiking or overnight backpacking the key is to get a pack that really fits, and go light. For overnight backpacking I'd advise going as light as possible, 35 lbs max, and it is absolutely essential that the majority of the weight be on your hips, so proper fit is key. REI is an excellent place to get advice, there is a lot of light and ultralight gear now. Osprey and Gregory packs are among the best. But definitely start with day hiking and light loads, always use the sternum strap for stability, and see how things go.  I've found for short day hikes I don't need any extra padding on the backpack strap even though the strap goes directly over my pacemaker. For long day hikes the strap does rub & it gets irritating.  But there is a simplesolution - buy a padded seat belt shoulder pad. I got one that is sheepskin & real wool, about 12 inches long, and very light. They go on with Velcro, and you can use extra Velcro straps to hold it in place if needed. This provides a great deal of extra padding and would work with a full overnight pack as well.  But keep in mind some discomfort is a normal part of backpacking! thus start with shorter distances and work up. Get out there and enjoy the hiking! 

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