I've had my 2 lead medtronic surescan for 9.5 years and having hip issues needed an MRI. I thought,  this is going to be an issue and and headache.  It was so easy!!! Dr ordered the mri, imaging company called to schedule, they contacted my cardiologist for approval, done. The imaging company has a device that looks just like the machine for interogations. Put PM on safe zone. After scan fine,  put it back to my settings.  I didn't even feel any difference.  The MRI table was very uncomfortable...


Excellent news Rolson

by Gemita - 2024-02-21 16:44:08

Rolson, some of us aren't quite so lucky and it does very much depend on where we go to have our MRI scan done and the level of expertise/experience at the hospital.  If we go to a large centre where they do many MRI's and have a specialist cardiac team on hand to place our pacemaker into a safe mode for the duration of the MRI scan and then return our settings to their former values afterwards, it does seem to be very straightforward.

I had to struggle to get an MRI locally, but when my cardiologist/EP intervened and said he could arrange it for me at his London Hospital, I had no problems at all.

Members with older, non MRI conditional leads, or abandoned leads, may not be so lucky though.

Hope your hip issues can be fixed?

MRI with device

by islandgirl - 2024-03-06 22:18:03

I have 2 different manufacturer leads, and even though they are compliant, it is near impossible to get an MRI.  One large hospital system won't set anything up, but a university hospital, where I see my EP, has approved an MRI, but told me there is a high risk due to the different manufacturers.  

So keep the manufacturer of the leads with the same company.  Mine are Medtronic and Abbott.  I knew loose leads were a problem.


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