The Famed SIX WEEKS Has Arrived!

Today is officially six weeks from my pacemaker implant of January 11.  This week I have been easing into raising my left arm up more little by little and today I can do a full arm raise. 

Like many here, I was totally unprepared for what I would go through, surprised that I even needed a pacemaker ASAP (a what?!), led to trust it would be routine, and told I could take Tylenol for any discomfort. Two mornings later I was in the ER from not managing the pain. Since then this site has been invaluable in getting me through to this point.  Everything is healing well, the antibiotic envelope has diminished, the surface wound is a scar, and I am getting stronger all the time. 

Something happened last night, though, that kind of freaked me out. I was laying on my right side with my right arm across by the implant, and my fingers felt the edge and BACK of the pacemaker!  Maybe because the muscles near the armpit were relaxed in that position?  The last thing I would ever want to happen is for it to twist or move out of place. A twiddler I will never be! 

I want to thank everyone for how much I have learned by following along and reading old posts. It is good to know there are others for whom this minor surgery is personally quite major.


Good stuff 👍🏼

by Lavender - 2024-02-22 22:14:40

You're doing really well! Hey, don't worry about the pacemaker leaning forward when you lie on the right side. Mine is three years old and has always done that. I take it that it's only stitched on one side which can allow the left side to lean forward while lying on my right.  As you know, let er B. Don't mess with it. I sleep with a small pillow up against my pacemaker so I feel secure. 

What lavender said

by atiras - 2024-02-23 15:53:26

My current device is on the right side and leans over when i sleep on my left. (Female) cardiologist suggested a pillow or a sleep bra with extra padding.

Boycat is apparently happy to do the same job :)


Appreciate Your Suggestions

by IrishToast - 2024-02-23 22:41:31

I found just the right size velvety squishy pillow to hold around the area. Now that I can move my arm more that should help. I look forward to getting some decent sleep.


by Lavender - 2024-02-24 19:59:51

Good for you in finding a comfy lil pillow! I'm rather used to tucking mine against the CRT-P before drifting off to sleep. 

You are not alone

by Kbob - 2024-02-24 23:01:21

The first few mothns after my PM implant, I was letting myself get scared of any little pain or feeling like my pacemaker was moving.  I was so bothered to feel it.  So you are not alone.  It is all an adjustment and your body and mind will get used to this.  

RE: Sleeping.  I was always a side sleeper and I was so troubled I could not get comfortable sleeping on my side after my PM.  I found a great pillow for back sleeping that supported my neck.. It helped me alot.  I could finally sleep.  Pillows help.

Hang in there.  It does keep getting better!

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