Average heart rate

Hi just checking been doing alot walking and jogging average heart rate 166 and a peack of 203 for a 6km walk is that bad. How a post a picture of the heart rate 


question for your doctor

by Tracey_E - 2024-03-04 17:36:30

Only your doctor can tell you what is safe for you. 203 during a walk seems pretty high. I would give them a call and ask. Possibly ask for a stress test on the treadmill so they can see if everything looks ok when you get that high. 

If you are going by those charts where you subtract your age from 220 then use a percentage, ignore those. Our hearts are not normal, so they don't apply to us. 

Heart rate

by piglet22 - 2024-03-05 06:15:02

I would agree with Tracey.

If I saw over 200 BPM on a walk I would think that something was amiss.

I walk 4 miles every day and further in a hilly area and clocked up 4 million steps and 1500 miles last year.

My pulse never goes over 100 and usually a 10% increase is the norm.

However, it's a struggle, fighting against CHB and 10mg Bisoprolol.

I did once see over 200 BPM while inactive and pretty soon dialled 999.

Individual variation

by akaDM - 2024-03-06 19:37:11

My heart always tended to a higher than average pulse, even when I was young and very fit; there's a lot of individual variation.

I've noticed oddities since the pacemaker. Sometimes on a longish (6-7 miles) walk, the pulse has gone to the maximum (155 and a bit over) when I've felt the walk to be easy and felt no effort. And on a longer, harder walk up hills, it felt effortful - I even needed a minute's rest - and the heart rate was only around 120 (probably why it felt effortful); then it rose towards the 150 and I felt comfortable  and then it dropped down again while I was carrying on still comfortable.


Morning Walk One Hour

by Stache - 2024-03-07 13:26:25

I walk for an hour every morning.  My pacer is based lined a 60 bpm during my walks it goes up to 86 bpm.  For me this is normal, I do have a large heart that pumps a larger volume.  Each of us will be different.

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